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20 Sapience Geography

Sapience Geography - Table of Contents

   20.1 Sapience               Continent of Sapience.
   20.2 Pools                  Pools of Creation.
   20.3 Cave                   Cave of Resurrection.
      5.11 Tear                   Tear of Lleis.
   20.4 Yggdrasil              World Tree.

   20.5 Cities and Council of Aetolia.
      20.5.1    Bloodloch         City of the Undead.
      20.5.2    Duiran            Heart of the Great Oak.
      20.5.3    Enorian           Beacon of Light.
      20.5.4    Esterport         City of Trade.
         13.15     Sect              Hall of Blades.
      20.5.5    Spinesreach       City of Spires.
      20.5.6    Three Widows      Three Widows. (Republic)
      14.2      Sewers            City sewers.
                   Enorian           Sewers of Enorian.
                   Spinesreach       Aqueducts of Spinesreach.

   20.6 Areas defying description
      20.6.1    Azvosh            Elemental Plane of Earth.  Pillars           The Pillars of the Earth.
      20.6.2    Chaos Plane       Chaos Plane.
      20.6.3    Dendara           Dendara.
                   Prophets          Prophet's Hallow.
      20.6.4    EpicureanAcademy  Epicurean Academy.
      20.6.5    Golgotha          Pit of Golgotha.
      20.6.6    Host              Dauntless Host of the Akkari.
      20.6.7    HuntingGrounds    Hunting Grounds.
      20.6.8    Iernian           Iernian Fracture.
      20.6.9    LoversCarnival    Lover's Carnival.
      20.6.10   Slaver's Isle     Aetolian Introduction.
      20.6.11   Vortex            Shattered Vortex.                   Vortex Specifics.                   Vortex Merchandise.

   20.7 Historic Areas
      20.7.1    Aalen             Aalen Forest.
      20.7.2    Ashtan            Conquered City of Ashtan.  Resistance       Ashtani Resistance.
      20.7.3    Ciem              Citadel of Ciem.
      20.7.4    Cradle            Tecpatl's Cradle.
                   Ka-la-kai         Great Street of Ka-la-kai.
      20.7.5    Delos             Isle of Delos.
      20.7.6    Drakkenmont       Drakkenmont Empire.
      20.7.7    Hashan            Ruins North of the Ithmia.
      20.7.8    Kelsys            Underwater City of Kelsys.
      20.7.9    Nazedha           Last Bastion of Darkness.
      20.7.10   Shastaan          Fishing Village of Shastaan.
      20.7.11   Thera             Village of Thera.
      20.7.12   Ulangi            Forest Island of Ulangi.

   20.8 Highway System of Aetolia
                Loggers Trail
                Northern Road
                North Strand
                Old Road
                Prelatorian Highway
                Ranger's Trail
                Raphaelan Highway

   20.9 Islands - Reachable only by Ferry
                Sky Dreaming

   20.10 Dehkay Plateau - Far North 
                Cradle of Fire
                Ebon Basin
                Neicel Arget

   20.11 Sapience Mainland - Alphabetical
                Abelaas Village
                Aerie Village
                Alaqsii Inlet
                Ancient Barrow
                Ankyrean Containment Laboratory
                Arbothia Village
                Arget Massai
                Arurer Haven
                Ati Temple
                Atlatl Plantation
                Attica Village
                Augerweald Forest
                Aureliana Forest
                Auresian Gardens
                Ayhesa Cliffs
                Azdun Dungeon
                Barre Arevat
                Beastlords Dungeon
                Bihrkaen Village
                Black Keep
                Centipede Caves
                Central Wilderness
                Chapel Garden
                Church of Corruption
                Court of the Consortium
                Crags - Newbie
                Craneskull Village
                Dakhota Hills
                Dennel Village
                Despair Isle
                Djeir and Catacombs
                Dolbodi Campsite
                Drakuum Caverns
                Dromse Thicket
                Dryad Garden
                Dry Plains
                Dun Valley and Fortress
                Eastern Wilderness
                Eresh Mines
                Ethne Forge
                Farsai Ruins
                Fengard Keep
                Feral Caves
                Festering Wastes
                Forgotten Dome - Ocean
                Forgotten Mausoleum
                Forsaken Evlasu - Newbie
                Fractal Bloom
                Gilded Rose Inn
                Giovelli's Hideout
                Gloaming Cathedral
                Gorshire - Newbie
                Grand Library
                Haunted House
                Hlugnic Labyrinth
                Ilhavon Forest
                Illdon Bastion
                Ithmian Forests
                Itzatl Rainforests
                Itzatl Morass
                Jaru Village
                Kalebb Valley - Newbie
                Kalydian Forest
                Khauskin Mines
                Kornar Village
                The Lair
                Libec Cay
                Lich Gardens
                Liris Beaches - Newbie
                Liruma Scrubland
                Lodi Valley - Newbie
                Luzith's Lair
                Maghuir Fissure
                Mamashi Grasslands
                Mamashi Tunnels
                Mandre's Tower
                Mannaseh Swamp
                Manure Pile
                Masilia Ruins
                Mhojave Desert
                Mor Caverns
                Morgun Forest
                Mostyn Isle
                Mountaintop Observatory
                Mournhold Town
                Myesis River
                Mrenadh Village
                Nal'jin Depths
                Naryusa Adil
                Northern Plains
                Northern Tundra
                Nuunva Village
                Ollin Isle
                Pash Valley
                Peshwar Delta
                Putoran Caverns
                Putoran Hills
                Rahveir Village - Newbie
                Raim Vale
                Raugol Fissure
                Rebels' Ridge
                Refugee Camp
                Riparium and the Abyss - Ocean
                Saliltul Swamp
                Salma Settlement
                Saluria Village
                Salurian Labyrinth
                Scidve Valley
                Scidve Cove
                Seer's Wood
                Sehal Kingdom - Newbie
                Shamtota Caverns
                Shamtota Hills
                Shastaan Warrens
                Siha Dylis
                Siroccian Mountains
                Siroccian Tunnels
                Snake Pit
                Sonn Temple
                Southern Tundra
                Sparklight Rift
                Spiral of the Corrupt
                Sterion Village
                Stormcaller Crag and beneath
                Tainhelm Village
                Tarea Mountains
                Tarean Caverns - Newbie
                Tarean Ice Caverns
                Tarissa's Archaeological Dig Site
                Tasur'ke Village
                Telfinne Caverns
                Teshen Caldera and Undercroft
                Three Rock Outpost
                Tiyen Esityi
                Tornos Halls
                Torston Village
                Torturer's Caverns
                Tsinkin Municipality
                Underking Temple
                Vashnar Mountains
                Vilimo Fields
                Vintal Glade
                Western Ocean
                Western Tundra
                Western Wilderness
                Xaanhal Settlement
                Xoral Settlement
                Yohanan Village - Newbie
                Yuzurai Village

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