20.5.2 Duiran Council, Heart of the Great Oak

The Duiran Council sits in the heart of the Great Oak, the massive tree in the center of the vast Ithmian forests. Home to forestal people both feral and fey, the denizens of the Heartwood are savage defenders of the wilds whose calling is maintaining the balance between Life and Death - the Rhythm, the ever-changing flow of Nature.

Created from the sacrifice of a Goddess, the Duiran council considers the ancient Heartwood forest a sacred grounds, touched by the spirit-plane of Dendara and infused with its essence. Many a natural wonder and an assortment of strange, spiritual creatures alike are found within the forest and the other areas nestled within the mountainous Hollow.

The council is home to the mystical Shamans, a guild with a spiritual tie to the Dendaric energies surrounding the Heartwood, and the fate-fueled magi of the Oneiromancers. Fighting alongside them are the martial Sentaari monks, Sentinel warriors, and tribal Wardens, disciplined combatants dedicated to restoring the Balance through fist, dhurive or wargauntlet, respectively. 

The Duiran Council is uncompromising in its stance against the threat of all that is unnatural to the wilds. It is a bastion of freedom and spirit, home to those who forge through the untended paths of the world, into strange territories others fear to tread. Above all, they fight to ensure the wilderness is allowed to run its due course by any means necessary.