The Classes of Aetolia

Your class in Aetolia is a fundamental piece of your character's identity; will you fight with shadow and spell as a Sciomancer, or call down holy fire to smite your unruly foes as a Luminary? Perhaps a lute-wielding Bard is more your flavor, or maybe a forest-dwelling Shaman. These options and more are available to you throughout your time in Aetolia. If you see more than one class that strikes your interest, multiclassing is available as well!

Newbies are given unlimited chances to try out the different classes available, so feel free to give a few a try before settling into your primary class.

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Tether: Shadow

Scientific researchers, dedicated to progress and discovery above all else. Trained in a variety of fields, skilled Alchemists manipulate the natural world with ease, blighting nature and invoking a myriad of scientific phenomena in order to achieve their ends.



Tether: Spirit

The Ascendril are mages trained in the use of the powerful yet arcane element of Spirit. Their channeling of the elements renewed the balance of water, fire, and air within the Prime Material Plane after Severn anchored more shadow within it.



Tether: Shadow

Aptly named, Carnifex are executioners, indiscriminate and brutal. They are warriors of destruction, culling weakness in a demonstration of primal strength.



Tether: Shadow

Archivists are scientists at heart, trained in skills that both require acute analysis and precision, as well as daring. Often esoteric collectors, they strive to obtain and examine items of power, their halls shrouded in secrecy.

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Tether: Neutral

Performer-assassins, trained in the ancient traditions of Djeir's Theater of Shadows. They are a diverse and multi-dimensional profession, seamlessly blending physical dexterity and wit with both the mysterious art of light weaving and the ability to elicit powerful magical effects from their songs.



Tether: Shadow

Earthcallers are warrior priests, trained in the ancient ways of the Earthen of Azvosh Rakar. Able to manipulate both the earth and the bones of their enemies, they marry martial discipline with the weaving of the Earthen Dirge into powerful magical verses.



Tether: Shadow

Indorani are dark sorcerers, whose traditions date back across the epochs. They have forged contracts with Chaos, and mastered the manipulation of ambient shadow essence, as means by which to power their arts.



Tether: Spirit

Luminaries are priests of Light and Spirit. They are practitioners of divine magic, including communion with the Spirit Plane, devotional prayers, and Illumination, their characteristic art of fire.



Tether: Neutral

Monks are martial artists dedicated to the harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Though they originate from the Sentaari of Duiran - an order focused on balance and the void - the monk profession is available to all walks of life.



Tether: Shadow

Vampires, fearsome creatures treading the boundaries between life and death. Neither mortal nor truly immortal, vampires are a race unto themselves commanding mighty powers over the body, the mind, and the blood.



Tether: Spirit

A branch of mages, deriving their powers from the eldritch landscape known as the Astral Realm. Oneiromancers are defined by their broad, versatile command of magic, drawing upon potent, transformative extraplanar force to enact their will.



Tether: Neutral

Known throughout the lands in a variety of different harrowing forms, Shapeshifters can mutate into were-versions capable of wreaking feral havoc upon those that stand in their way.



Tether: Shadow

Warriors trained in the manipulation of ambient shadow, marrying martial discipline with magical acuity to enact their arts, a mixture of disciplines which, together, reflect a deeper understanding of reality and the element of shadow.



Tether: Shadow

Mages trained in the dangerous but powerful manipulation of shadow. Gifted with a direct link to the dark realm of Shadow, they focus their training on controlling and shaping its destructive energies into weapons to destroy their enemies.



Tether: Spirit

An ancient warrior tradition, connected to the Rhythm and sworn to protect Dia'ruis and the Prime Material Plane's natural places from danger. Expert trackers, fierce fighters and peerless archers, they work together with the creatures of the wild to slay their foes.



Tether: Spirit

Shamans are awakened seers, augurs, spiritwalkers, they evolved from the much simpler Druids in years long past. They walk hand-in-hand with ancient guardian spirits in efforts to protect the shattered Wild that is Dia'ruis.



Tether: Neutral

Masters of stealth and subterfuge, Syssin live in the shadows. Eschewing brute force, these roguish ne'er do wells act with finesse to carry out assassinations and hypnotise their foes into doing their bidding.



Tether: Spirit

The Templar serve as warriors of holy retribution, attempting to repel the advance of the forces of Shadow, Artifice, Corruption and Undeath. They wield weapons aplenty, but also magical might in the form of righteous auras and blessings.



Tether: Shadow

A sect of brutal, martial-minded warriors closely associated with Azvosh, the Elemental Plane of Earth. Commanding earthen golems in battle while wielding club or flail, Teradrim are able to wield the powers of the earth to harry their enemies.

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Tether: Spirit

Both mages and researchers, drawing upon the primal power of the ocean to enhance their martial prowess while also working to demystify its myriad secrets.



Tether: Spirit

A group of forest guardians with a deep connection to the ancestors. They are tasked with protecting the sacred bone crypts of the Ithmian clans, home to numerous tribes of warriors long before guilds or communes ever came together.



Tether: Neutral

Warrior rangers, first originating from the wastelands and wilderness of the continent of Albedos. Their arts are fully independent of the conflict between Spirit and Shadow, though Wayfarers can and often do serve one side or the other.



Tether: Spirit

Martial artists; over time, their arts have evolved into a tradition that is noticeably distinct from its Sentaari and Luminary forebears, fusing internal and external disciplines into one unified whole.