The World of Aetolia

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For hundreds of years, Aetolians thought that their continent, dubbed Sapience, was the only land mass on their planet. They fought among themselves over religious differences, petty squabbles, and the ever-useful resource ‘ylem’. Then, flying death machines filled the air, piloted by malicious Dreikathi, and Aetolians discovered a new world: Albedos. Some on this mysterious continent were open to learning their ways, and embraced them cautiously. Others sought only to subjugate the Sapient nations and do them harm. Now, as the Albedi pantheon of Gods stirs from a long and terrible slumber, those with their eyes to the future have plenty to fear from the new lands.

Satellite map of Sapience – Created by Teani, this high quality satellite style map shows off Sapience, Aetolia’s main continent.

The City States of Sapience


Enorian, Beacon of Light

Enorian styles itself the moral compass of Sapience. Driven to do good works by their devotion to the Gods and a belief in the importance of a thriving planet, Enorian will stop at nothing to bring the world into their shining protectorate.Government: Democratically-elected player council
Tether: Spirit-aligned

The Duiran Council

Tucked away in the forests of Sapience, Duiran is a place for protectors and lovers of nature to commune and find peace from a tumultuous world. While they do not oppose or subvert civilization, theirs is a life of simplicity and efficiency, where they strive to leave every patch of ground as they found it when they pass by.Government: Player triumvirate, appointed by individual Guilds.
Tether: Spirit-aligned

The Republic of Spinesreach

Spinesreach is a scientific bastion on Sapience, where physical force falls second to attempts to subvert reality itself. Home to Archivists, Sciomancers, and Syssin, the city is deeply entrenched in the study of Shadow. Defectors have even told tales of an attempt to escape reality altogether.Government: Democratically-elected player council
Tether: Shadow-aligned

Bloodloch, the Sanguine Empire

Built into a volcano, the city of Bloodloch is home to the vampires of Sapience. Within the Imperial Dominion, in his palace Alcazar, lives Abhorash, Primus of the vampires. After a period of near-Godhood thanks to the absorption of a malicious Albedi entity, Abhorash was thrust back to mortality and now seeks to take the world’s resources by brute force.Government: NPC-led authoritarian state. Elected player council.
Tether: Shadow-aligned

Known Civilizations of Albedos


The City of Delve

The first city to make peaceful contact with Sapience after the incursion of Dreikathi forces. Players are able to travel to Delve to do business and explore the rest of the continent. On most matters, their official policy is neutrality.


The mysterious home of the Dreikathi. While its emissaries have come to torment and abuse Sapience, no player has discovered the enclave itself.