Guilds in Aetolia

Guilds are player-run organizations bound together by an ideology and class where characters can come together to achieve common goals, hone their skills and build lasting relationships. They're an important part of this world, offering a sense of camaraderie and community to players of all levels and backgrounds. From fierce warriors to cunning mages, guilds provide a platform for players to come together and conquer the challenges of Aetolia. Whether you're looking for a group of like-minded individuals to take on epic plots, or a clan of battle-hardened veterans to conquer the world, there's a guild out there for you.

From the brutal and savage Carnifex to the mystical Illuminai, each guild offers a unique experience and a chance to carve out your place in this world. With different ideologies, beliefs, and objectives, the choice of guild can define your character's path and shape your adventure in this world.


The Guilds of Aetolia



A studious assembly of scientists, alchemists, and scholars seeking to unravel the mysteries of Creation.



The foremost pioneers of planar physics and wielders of potent elemental magic in the service of the Hammer of Dawn.



The sadistic reapers of souls and masters of terrible hellfire that march beneath the Sanguine Fist's tyrannical banner.



Once a handful of noble houses of undeath, the Dominion represents the great collective of vampires that terrorize mortals in Aetolia's Midnight Age.



An ancient order of mystics, missionaries, and militant zealots bound by an ancient accord with the planes of Spirit and Fire.



A cabal of sorcerers that harness the terrible might of Czjetija, the Fundamental Plane of Shadow.



Guardians of balance and budding students of the mysterious Void, the Sentaari Monastery serves as a collective of telepaths and martial artists in service to the Heartwood.



Representatives of the long dead warrior tribes of the Ithmia, the Sentinel Pride employs aggressive ambushes, clever traps, and peerless archery to hunt the hated undead.



A circle of spiritual intermediaries and enigmatic mystics that commune with the plane of Dia'ruis and Her ominous Guardians.



A shadowy syndicate of assassins, thieves, and spies in service of the Northern Theocracy's dark aims.



Once known as the paladins, this martial order of knights is pledged to the Light and the Hammer of Dawn's zealous aims.



A brutal band of warrior-priests charged with warding the prison of the dreaded sorcerer-kings of Azvosh.

Joining a Guild

For novices, guilds are tied to individual classes. You will be granted membership within a guild once you have completed your city's Academy (HELP ACADEMY). You may change your class at any time while a novice, using REPICK CLASS. However, you may need to seek Aaranu in Esterport if the class is tied to a different city.

NOTE: If you are a Wayfarer, Indorani, or Shapeshifter, you will need to speak to a guild's leadership to join, as these do not have their own class-focused guild. Some guilds may have certain requirements you must meet beforeĀ  being able to join their ranks. HELP <guild> will tell you who is online and able to assist.

Joining a Guild After Novicehood

If you decide a guild isn't for you and you have already graduated, you will need to speak to a guild's leadership. Aaranu will only assist novices.

It is possible to be a member of a guild and yet hold a different class. Read HELP MULTICLASS for more information.

Changing Guilds

In Aetolia, there are several possible avenues someone can take when quitting a guild:

  • Quitting a guild without class.
  • Quitting a guild with class
  • Quitting a guild as a novice.

When quitting a guild, you should first check to see if you are an apprentice in your class or if you have obtained class. Type SCORE and see if you "have the class of <class>" or if you are an apprentice in that class.

You can also check your class status through CLASS LIST. It will note apprentice if you are still one.

Quitting a guild without class (Apprentice)

If you quit your guild as an apprentice in your class and are no longer a novice then you will automatically lose class when you leave your guild, causing you to lose your three guild skills. You will, however, getĀ  approximately 90% of the lessons you put into the class skills back. Once you are ready to quit your guild, simply do QUIT <guild name>.

After quitting your guild you are then free to join another one.

Quitting a guild with class

If you quit your guild and have class in it then you will keep all of your skills without any penalty. Quitting a class will result in a 50% loss of lessons.

In order to 'have class' you must achieve rank 2 in your guild.

Quitting a guild as a novice

If you quit your guild as a novice then you will lose your two guild skills, but regain 100% of your lessons spent in those particular skills.


If you quit your guild as a novice, you will lose the two guild skills you have, and get back approximately the number of lessons you put into them.

If you quit your guild without having gained permanency in your class, you will lose your guild skills and get back 90% of the lessons you put into them.

If you quit your guild having gained permanency, your skills will be unaffected.