Elite Membersips

Iron Realms Entertainment is committed to providing you many options to improve your characters. Elite Memberships are a cost-effective way for you to improve multiple characters. The value far exceeds our normal credit and lesson packages and provides the most cost effective means for your character over time.

Members Receive:

Daily Lessons

Every character registered to your email address will earn 5 lessons every day, upon login. This nets 150 lessons per month, the equivalent of converting 25 credits. This bonus is for every character on your membership, ensuring all your characters are learned.

Bound Credits

Your account will earn 100 bound credits every month. These credits can be distributed across your characters with the command CREDITS MEMBERSHIP TRANSFER <amount>. In addition, you will accumulate 5 more credits every month you are on the membership. For example, after 5 months you will get 125 bound credits added to your account. This will top out at an additional 50 bound credits per month after 10 months, totalling 150 bound credits membership per month.

Iron Coins

You will receive 20 Iron Coins on the character you sign up for the Iron
Elite Membership under. These coins can be used to purchase special
items that cannot be obtained in any other fashion. Read HELP IRONCOINS
for more information.

Credit Purchase Bonus

You will have a 10% bonus to all credit purchases while on the membership. In other words, members will have a permanent sale running. This bonus will stack with any other sale we run, so if we're offering a 25% Holiday sale, Iron Elite members will gain a total 35% credit bonus.

Experience Bonus

This is a monthly, 5% cumulative bonus (up to 25%). For example, for the first month, you will enjoy a 5% XP bonus. For the second month, you will have a 10% XP bonus. In month five you will have a 25% bonus. Of course, this bonus will stack with any other bonuses you enjoy.

Cancelling your membership:

If you pay through PayPal, please log into your PayPal account and cancel the recurring payment.

If you pay with your credit card, please LOG IN to the site as the character with the membership and visit: http://www.aetolia.com/credits?action=cancel

If you have any difficulty at all with canceling your membership payment, please contact us at support@aetolia.com and we will attempt to resolve your issue as soon as possible.