What is Aetolia?

Aetolia is a multiplayer RPG (role-playing game) set in a gothic-fantasy world.

The difference between Aetolia and other games is that Aetolia is played entirely in text with minimal graphics. This genre of games is called MUDs or Multi-User Dungeons.

Characters in Aetolia talk, trade, fight, plot and even kill and eat each other. They roam the continents and explore dungeons, killing (or helping) foul creatures, gather gold and treasure while increasing in power and prestige.

Aetolia is a gothic-fantasy setting, populated by vampires and weres of multiple varieties. Unlike other fantasy settings, Aetolia encourages both sides of the coin, letting players decide whether to help or hinder.

Sep 18 2021

Mining Has Arrived!

It is my great pleasure to announce that Mining is now available! Before I get into the specifics, I would like to give a massive shout out to Razmael for the enormous amount of work he’s put into this system, and to the many people on the team (some of whom are sadly no longer…
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Sep 18 2021

A Better Gnomorrow!

Under pressure from the people of Gorshire following the mining calamities of 497, Mayor Gorbert has agreed to allow young Gnomes the chance at a life beyond the sheltered valley as adventurers in their own right. Gnomes are now a playable race! * You can either create a new character with the Gnome race, or…
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Sep 14 2021

Changelog: 14th September

– Numerous shrines that were left behind within old, inaccessible areas have now been cleaned up. Please file a bug or an issue if you still have shrines that cannot be accessed. – Updated the error message for Lifebloom when trying to cast it on cooldown. – The timeline will now reference your character’s birthday…
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Sep 10 2021

Templar & Revenant Updates

Much of the mirror code for Templar and Revenant has been cleaned up! As such, you can now use the old commands again minus their new prefixes (so you can IMPALE <target> instead of BATTLEFURY IMPALE <target>). At some point I’ll remove the prefixes all together, but I’ll give you all plenty of time to…
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Sep 7 2021

Recent Changelogs!

Added ‘IC VERBOSE’ which lists the fullname of the item in the cache, along with aliases you canuse to refer to it. You can filter this down like normal cache display, e.g. IC ACUITY VERBOSE.There’s now a header when you READLOG that indicates which organization’s logs you are pursuing.Added the ‘TarotCards’ ability to AB WOODCRAFT.…
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Sep 5 2021

The Blighted Island of Ulangi

Years ago, amidst a great calamity, the island of Ulangi was cleansed of all life. At least, this is what the world thought – ruined by toxic atmosphere and ravaged by the Effulgent Shout, surely nothing could survive on that blighted island. The Siroccian Geological Society has proven that theory wrong. Headed by a senior…
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Sep 1 2021

September in Aetolia!

September is upon us and while the last two weeks have been a bit of a blur, I owe everyone a huge thanks for the support and warm welcome while I continue to get up to speed. It’s going to be a busy few months! For now we say goodbye to Elemental Coffers and as…
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Aug 31 2021

Combat & Class Updates

Afflictions Soulburn and soulfire have been renamed to agony and accursed.This is to better accommodate it as a general affliction for mirrors.Fixed a bug where lightwound is blocked from random curing methods when you have deepwound.Originally lightwounds could not be cured if you had deepwound in development, but this is currently not the case.Fixed being…
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Aug 16 2021

Hello from Ictinus!

Hi everyone! I’m Sam, you’ll know me as Ictinus here in Aetolia. For the last four and a half years I’ve worked as Head Builder and Associate/Co Producer in Achaea. My IRE career started a long time ago in 2010 as a player in Aetolia, but in the AP role in Achaea I have had…
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May 8 2021

What’s Aetolia doing, Episode 2

Mining has had its scope reduced! We’ll worry about things like random encounters AFTER we’ve gotten players their new commodity system. Expect more updates on this, but its scope should be of a size now that it’s mostly filling in some blanks. Our next class of Celani will ‘enjoy’ this job! We’ve selected the next…
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Player vs Player Combat

Aetolia has some of the most detailed and intense PvP ever created.

In addition to traditional RP initiated combat, Aetolia has numerous systems to encourage and reward its most skilled and bloodthirsty:

  • Open PK areas with world altering effects for those brave enough to enter
  • The Sect of Blades, a ranked system of organized combat
  • Twice monthly contests for the Orrery, a powerful location that boosts the faction of the team with the best showing
  • The power of Ylem regularly tears into Sapience, leading to clashes to control these Foci, for personal and organizational gain

Of course, PvP isn't just PK. We also have elected city positions to backstab your way into, rankings of everything from most powerful merchant to best minipet collector, and even racetracks for said pets to earn their owner winnings!


Character Classes and Skills

We take our skill system seriously, and want every class or talent to feel unique and different. Whether you are an assassin leaping from the shadows to abduct your foe, a powerful knight slashing enemies with your flaming blades, or a monk utilizing your self control to heal wounds and devastate foes, all classes have their own unique mechanisms and abilities.

  • 15+ Unique Classes
  • 12 Guilds
  • 2000+ Different Abilities
  • 80+ Skillsets of Crafting/PvE/PvP
  • 60+ Race skills

Our skillsets each include 30+ skills, varying between general skills, crafting, and class based. Every guild has its own class with unique abilities, modified by a core of abilities common to everyone. And of course, add to that our mercantile, tradeskills, and talents... you get hundreds of possible combinations!

What is a Mud?

They're the original massively multiplayer real-time online games. Before there was World of Warcraft, there were MUDs.

They aren't single-player text adventures like Zork or choose-your-own-adventure games. They're very much real-time and multiplayer.

Ultimately, you can think of MUDs vs. graphical games as books vs. movies in some respects. Just as many people feel books are more immersive than a movie, many people feel MUDs are more immersive than graphical games.

Are you one of those people? Only one way to find out. Try out our game world right now!


The World and Your Place In It

Aetolia is an entirely unique, ever growing world and storyline. For over 17 years our realm has worked through a player driven storyline, and it has seen some changes no other setting could imagine. Almost 20,000 rooms are explorable to players, and 13,000 more are just waiting for the story to catch up...

The drive for this? Roleplaying. Aetolia has a true player-driven storytelling with depths yet unseen. Regular events keep the story moving, while the Administration supports when our players unseat it all and take the reins! Our stories are crafted from the intricate RP of our players, with a vast overarching plot decades in scope... and all without a cutscene showing some NPC swooping in to steal the show.

Your World

Crafting, Building, Leading

Aetolia is built to let players create and lead. Our organizations are designed with player-led positions, and our crafting skills mean that the clothes you wear, the swords you stab with, even the healing potion you drink from are all player designed and created.

  • 20+ Crafting skillsets
  • Over 100,000 player made designs
  • Castles and Havens for your character's private home
  • 4 Completely player run City/Council/Empires
  • 12 Player led guilds
  • Player run packs of shapeshifters

Our crafting is complex and wide reaching. Cities expand their buildings when their leadership decides to. Characters earn their own Haven and design it themself. And again, everything is player designed and crafted. Start your mercantile empire, then run the Imperial Dominion, build a castle, and corner the market in fancy hats, everything is possible!

No Download Needed

Online Gothic Fantasy MUD Game

Be ready for the gothic-fantasy horror world of Aetolia, which is an RPG text game of Iron Realms Entertainment.  Terror, dark forces and vampires are everywhere in the land of Aetolia. If you want to survive in the fantastic world, you will have two chances; fight back or join! Every decision that you will make affects your destiny in the world of Aetolia. When you make a decision in the land of Aetolia, you will have to deal with the consequences. You can discover more than 20,000 rooms in Aetolia, the world is massive!

Aetolia is a multiplayer online RPG with no download necessary. The MUD game Aetolia does not rely on graphics because it is an RPG text game and can be played with minimal or no graphics. Its story in the gothic-fantasy horror world is unique and player-driven. Characters have many different abilities and skills in Aetolia, giving you great control over the game itself.

Fantasy Vampire MUD

Horror RPG

Sapience is the continent of the everyday Aetolian world. For hundreds of years, Sapience has had its own problems until flying death machines filled the skies and led to the discovery of an antagonistic other continents. Now squabbles over resources, Dark and Light, land, and life vs death play besides an overarching worry of invasion from eldritch abomination Gods from the continent of Albedos.

There are many different abilities on Aetolia encapsulated by your skills in the game. Besides the basic skills everyone shares, hundreds of other skills vary by class, and how you play is your choice. In addition to class, there are mini skills to passively protect you, mercantile skills to generate life's necessities, hobby skills, agricultural skills, practical skills, and trade skills that you will be able to learn through varying methods in the game. You can have many different talents that you can increase, separate from level, all to help you survive and thrive.

In Aetolia, you might deal with, or even become, an undead. Vampires also walk the lands, seeking blood and domination. Light counters these unnatural beasts with Duamvi symbiotes brought from higher planes to empower the select worthy few. Help either side, or neither, your choice is free.