Skills & Abilities

Much of your life in Aetolia will revolve around your skills. Skills are either sets of abilities or a single ability representing how well you do something (like dodge arrows and sword blows, for instance).  Furthermore, many skills have anywhere from 20 to 50 abilities within the skill. An ability could be an individual spell, or something like a particular type of kick or swordstroke.

Crafting skills contain abilities to craft specific items like blades or armor, bombs, papercraft, and eventually the ability to submit your own design to be made part of the game.

Guild skills are exclusive to each guild, and are better described in our Classes section of the site.


General Skills

General skills are skills that everyone in Aetolia has access to from the moment they finish the introduction. They're full skillsets in and of themselves, but separate from your selected player class.

General skills include:



As you train in Avoidance, you will learn the art of controlling your prana-musculature in order to quickly avoid a physical attack, or divert it in a manner that makes it less effective.



Vision is a selection of abilities all related to your perception of the world around you. Vision seeks to primarily increase your visual acuity. Starting off with simple tricks of observation, Vision will eventually give you more advanced abilities too.



Survival deals with outdoors issues as well as general survival issues. Abilities in it include being able to swim, climb trees, attack dimensional wormholes, heal your limbs by force of will alone, and many other useful abilities.



Weaponry is a skill that everyone acquires. Although anyone may use any weapon in Aetolia, those untrained in weaponry, and without proficiency in that weapon, will find it difficult to be effective with it.



As you learn higher in the skill of Tattoos, you will be able to place more and more tattoos on your body, until such time as you are able to place two tattoos on each body part. It also includes the inking of said tattoos.



Different from the others, Hunting is learned while you level. Its abilities help you further in PvE, and ensure that your abilities grow as you do.

Mercantile Skills

Mercantile skills are unique skillsets focused on the creation and sometimes customization of items essential to characters in Aetolia. Each character may possess one and only one Mercantile skill, so choose wisely!



The skill of creating weapons and armour.



The ability to produce elixirs and poultices.



The ability to create and sell venoms.



Enchanting & creating items with magical powers.



The skill to create pills from herbs.

Trade Skills

Trade skills are skills that can be obtained by purchasing a permit from a craft guild office found in any major city. They deal with crafting new items from designs, and eventually, your own unique designs! Almost everything in Aetolia is made by players with Trade skills, and all of it custom.

It is important not to confuse Mercantile skills with Tradeskills, of which you can learn as much and as many as you please.



Carve a multitude of things like vials, pipes, dice, etc.



Everyone's got to eat, but this lets you ensure that all meals aren't hardtack.



Make clothing, let out your inner fashion diva.



What's eating without drinking? Becoming a brewmaster is within reach.



What is a life without exquisite jewelry? No life we'd want to live.



Can't do all that eating and drinking standing up, can we?

Agricultural Skills

Practical skills provide alternate means of experience gaining or economic value. They have an initial cost to purchase and require use to increase.



Farming is the ability to keep a field that can be utilized to grow crops, trees or keep animals. Outside of raw materials being able to be sent to a city for commodity production, the produce that is harvested or acquired on a field can be sold to various trades.

aetolia mining photo


Mining is the ability to extract metal ores from the earth. It is a fully realized skillset centered around establishing and staffing your own mining operations and navigating the dangers of the under-deeps in order to harvest resources from the earth.


Talents can provide you with some extra abilities that will bring unique qualities to your life in Aetolia. Talents work much the same as many other skills, however once a Talent is acquired, you have no need to learn any further.

Available Talents include:

  • Floristry
  • Fletching
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Luthier
  • Ventier
  • Linguistics
  • Bombcrafting
  • Fumology
  • Tabourier
  • Papercrafting
  • Taxidermy
  • Barding
  • Perfumery

Practical Skills

Practical skills provide alternate means of experience gaining or economic value. They have an initial cost to purchase and require use to increase.

Practical Skills include:

  • Fishing
  • Provisioning


Hobbies are a mix of small and large skillsets purchased with lessons, then learned by practice. Included are RP tools to make your character unique and change how you RP in groups.

Current Hobbies include:

  • Gaming
  • Ylemnics

Mini Skills

Mini skills take far fewer lessons than traditional skills, but are still available to all by default. Most possess only a single ability within, but are related to damage resistances. Refining and Horsemanship, however, are filled with abilities related to their subject matter.

Mini skills include:

  • Antidotes
  • Constitution
  • Frost
  • Fitness
  • Galvanism
  • Horsemanship
  • Philosophy
  • Refining
  • Thermology