What can you do in Aetolia?

aetolia combat

Incredibly intricate Player versus Player Combat!

With a combat environment over 20 years in the making, Aetolia provides an unrivalled experience in the Player versus Player arena. Take up sword and spell against players all across the world and become a champion duelist in the Sect of Blades or lead your fellow devotees in righteous holy war! With daily duels and cities rushing to secure precious ylem, you will never want for opponents to compete against.

More than twenty class choices!

Play as a powerful spellcaster that manipulates the elements or a stoic warrior in service of their home. With more than twenty classes (and more to come as the story unfolds), Aetolia offers unparalleled customization to help you build the character you want to play.

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aetolia dungeon

Brave perils untold!

Triumph over the nightmare beneath the tundra and relive the terrors of a dying world in our more intricate dungeon encounters! Raid the Royal Vaults of Glandor in a solo, rogue-like experience unlike any other and battle unique bosses in detailed open world areas. Those with the greatest resolve shall ascend to the greatest heights of mortal power as an Adherent or plumb the depths of Chaos to become an extraplanar Noble as our highly coveted Level 200 classes!

A colossal game world set in a dark fantasy saga!

Explore the continent of Sapience, where Aetolia's four player-run city-states vie for supremacy in the aftermath of the Grand Artifice and a terrible Revelation. Join your fellow players in exploring the mysterious, war-torn continent of Albedos, a land of mysterious gods and terrible empires. As Aetolia's story unfolds, the game world frequently expands alongside it!

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aetolia throne

Shape a Legacy

Govern a city or serve on its ruling council to leave your mark upon a constantly evolving story. Lead guilds and cities to war and take stands that shall be remembered throughout the ages in Aetolia's persistent world. With a complex political and election system rooted in each city's story, your character can find a home in amoral northern theocracies, militant desert empires, staunch protectorates, or dark, ritual-laden nature communes.

Become a dedicated servant of the Gods

Join a divine order and see the will of the gods made manifest in the realm of Aetolia! With a pantheon of gods presiding over numerous domains, there are countless avenues to explore and endless goals to pursue in their name. Become a noble underling of a prideful Dragon, a dedicant of Astral or Corrupt Chaos, or even a zealous crusader of the Light and join the rich roleplaying community based around Divine orders.

aetolia dragon temple
aetolia crafting photo

Let your imagination run wild!

Learn to use crafting skills that allow you to build statues, cook food, mix drinks, sew clothing, forge arms and armor, and even create restorative pills and elixirs! Add your personal touch to every creation with our customization and crafting systems, making you an architect of Aetolia's digital landscape.

Agriculture and Shops

Aetolia's agriculture systems allow for players to prospect or grow their own materials! Take up Farming and Mining to create make a self-sustaining merchant empire and sell your wares out of your own shop!

aetolia shop front