Aetolian History & Lore Resources

Aetolia is a living world with a rich history that continues to be written each and every day. Here you will find resources to help you understand the historical milestones and intricate lore of our game world.


Story Events & Aetolian Lore

aetolia orrery


An expansive timeline detailing the history of Aetolia.

Races of Aetolia

A list of the playable races within Aetolia.


Cities Overview

An overview of the game's primary player cities.

Player Classes

Explore the available player classes and themes.

Abhorash, the Hegemonist

Divine Pantheon

Explore the Gods and Goddesses of Aetolia.

Game Map

A map of the continent of Sapience. Looking for Albedos? Find that here.

world tree flame