Aetolian History Timeline

First Immortal Epoch: The Age Of Creation

Varian creates Severn and Lanos.

Varian creates Haern, Lleis, and Dhar.

The Triad begin the Cycle and create the souls of life.

The Ankyreans are created in the proto-realm of Varian’s Divinity.

The material world accretes from the elements and is given shape by the quartet

Mortalkind are given bodies to live in the material world.

The first of the mortal races are created to serve the Ankyreans.

During this period, many of the racial origin stories take place.

The people of this time were sentient, but swayed easily by the power of the Gods.

Dhar and Ivoln merge to form Dhaivol, formalizing the Ritual of Union (Ivolnite undeath) at the same time.

Second Immortal Epoch: The Age Of Providence

Bloodloch is dug and founded by the Dowaf, ancestors to the Dwarves, who are among the most developed of the mortal races.

Spinesreach is built by the Ankyreans as a bastion and storehouse of knowledge.

Stormcaller Crag is constructed.

The sprawling underwater city of Kelsys is built, overseen directly by Lady Slyphe.

As favoured children of a Goddess, the Kelki are granted insight and power beyond other mortals, making Kelsys a bastion of advanced technology.

The Consortium is formed to research the great secrets of the world.

Following experiments with the leylines, the Ankyreans discover, and alert, the Dreikathi.

A great war breaks out as Ankyreans and Dreikathi clash, both in the material world and in the ley. This precipitates the mysterious destructive event later called the Disturbance.

The great war ends with the collapse of the leyline transit and the destruction of the Court of the Consortium.

The Yggdrasil is planted in an attempt to mend some of the effects of the Disturbance.

Fearful of further disturbances, Varian conceals knowledge of the leylines from His children.

The great war signifies the breakdown of the social order between Ankyrean and rellyw, and the end of the Second Immortal Epoch.

First Mortal Epoch: The Age Of Despair

The Gods are confused and scattered, and most of the Ankyreans are dead.

The remaining Ankyrean tribes begin subjugating the ‘lesser races’ and forming their own small empires.

The Endorone cult forms among the subjugated Dwarves, studying the power of life essence and deriving techniques to use to fight the Ankyreans.

A splinter sect within the Endorone beseeches Lady Chakrasul for aid, and She teaches them the forbidden magic of Chaos and corruptive Necromancy.

In Hlugnic (high Dwarven), ‘endoron’ means ‘mage’. Other races begin using the modified form, ‘Indoron’, as shorthand for ‘despair’.

They conquer Bloodloch in a vicious civil war and drive out the unloyal Dwarves, then collapse under internal stresses as the Chakrasulian cult displaces the original Endoron and embraces their role as bringers of despair.

The Indoron move on the rest of Sapience, intending to conquer it.

A man named Idar Karif unites several scattered settlements as the forces of Light and builds his Castle of Illumination. He then pitches his armies against those of the Indoron.

The self-christened forces of Light harry the Indoron from the southeast, whittling down their forces as their once-green recruits become veterans in facing the dark magi.

The Indoron retreat into Bloodloch and the surrounding lands, fighting running battles against enemy regiments.

Idar Karif marries Catiana, a lady of mysterious origins, and the crusade against the Indoron becomes more brutal. Soon enough, Idar becomes paranoid of his own closest circle, casting them from his Castle.

Internal schisms form within the armies of the Illumine, as Lady Catiana’s presence drives Idar and his men into their own extremes of mad devotion. At its height, Idar Karif murders every person living in the Castle of Illumination and casts himself from the parapets to his death.

Lady Catiana is revealed to be an invocation of Lady Chakrasul as she takes the Castle of Illumination for Herself, rechristening it Tiyen Indoron and removing it from mortal knowledge and sight.

Fuelled by the sacrifice of Idar Karif’s men, a black rain of corruption falls over the south, tainting land and mortals both and swaying them towards corruption.

The Dark Empire rises from the now-fertile ground, beneath the black banner of the thirteen-pointed star.

With the now-few Indoron at their head and armies of Indorani led by the brutal Yetrent, they push back the unified forces of Light with Goddess-given powers.

The Dun Fortress and Azdun are founded.

The War of Power occurs as the Dark Empire mandates the construction of the landmarks and the forces of Light discover how to manipulate them.

The Ankyrean Order is formed in Spinesreach to combat the Dark Empire.

The Syssin are founded to support their less numerous Ankyrean masters.

The Gods are petitioned for support, and grant it, putting Their blessing behind the Ankyrean armies.

The consolidation of power marks the end of the First Mortal Epoch as the war between the Indoron and Ankyreans comes to a stalemate.

Second Mortal Epoch: The Age Of Conflict

The Illuminai forms in the wake of the Indoron and begins fighting them.

The precursors to the Priests are founded.

A temple is built on the site of the future city of Shallam, that which would become Enorian.

The temple itself is razed by the Indoron, and Shallam is built atop it at a later date.

Guided by a conclave of the Ankyrean Order and the united Gods, a circle of seven Spirit-channelers ambush and annihilate Yetrent’s physical form, trapping him as a wretched spirit.

With the fall of Yetrent, the core of the Dark Empire’s magical forces collapse, and eventually Bloodloch itself is besieged.

Imal, Yetrent’s second and current leader of the Indorani, evacuates a portion of his followers and enacts the collapse of the caverns to fend off the forces of Light and deny them a total victory.

This is the fall of Bloodloch, and by extension the fall of the Dark Empire.

Pockets of Dark Empire loyalists survive in areas like Azdun and the Dun Fortress.

Llazuth and her Black Keep are hidden away beyond the veil to preserve the secrets of the Empire.

A small group of mortals led by an Ankyrean called Azaeru, calling themselves the Naldareth, seek succour in Kelsys, using dire warnings of a prophesised threat to gain entry and influence.

This group is capable of elemental channeling – Azaeru is in fact a renegade of the Order, responsible for teaching rellyw to channel.

Inscribing Azaeru’s apocalyptic visions onto the walls of the Silver Spire, they preached of a coming destructive force that the woefully under-prepared city could not hope to stand against.

Panicked and afraid, and unable to contact their Matron, the Kelki allow the Naldareth to install themselves in the Silver Spire.

The Kelki are trained in making use of the elements and form the core of the Naldareth guild, led by the Eye of Eternity and his followers.

The mystics rise up in the Misty Isles and begin tapping into the leylines for their magic.

Ashtan is founded as a haven for scholars and mortal magicians, and is cloaked from the Indoron by illusions.

The Nazetu arrive from the Western Isles, lay siege to Ashtan, and end up scattering in the retreat.

The First Child is revealed to be a summoning of the Indorani as they assault the Silver Spire, dashing themselves against the newly-built defenses of Kelsys and being repulsed.

The city takes extensive damage, and the Naldareth depart for a more defensible area (Shallam), shrouding Kelsys in a protective veil called the Lutha Kelma to hide them from the Second Child.

The Ankyreans notice the mystics, and through observing them rediscover the leylines.

The orrery and leyspike in Spinesreach are built.

Lycanthropy is derived from magical techniques pioneered by the mystics.

The first Atabahi flee Spinesreach and hide in Three Rock, founding the Rout.

Yrtez and the Conclave of Magic create the vampires and flee, sparking the Ankyrean civil war.

Azaeru, first of the Naldareth, dies in an experimental accident, succeeded by a nameless and arrogant acolyte.

Alaihandra, a mortal Naldareth, prophecises the Grand Artifice and is ignored by the current Eye of Eternity. She safeguards five memories to survive until the Midnight Age.

Riven by civil war, the Ankyrean Order begins to collapse.

The fall of the Ankyreans is gradual and takes many years.

During this period, the stories of the Seluno brothers take place.

Nominally in response to the pleas of Qeddwyn, but in fact in order to once again conceal knowledge of the leylines, Severn enacts the Grand Artifice.

The Midnight Age: 0 – 100 MA

Abhorash is embraced as a Consanguine and the four houses are established.

The Demon Blade rises to prominence.

The First Totem War takes place in Tasur’ke, as the town angers the Hunter by expanding.

53 MA: Bloodloch is resettled by Abhorash.

60 MA:  Lanos, the Lord of Truth, sacrifices Himself to seal off the Shadow Plane from spilling into the Prime Material.

60 MA: Through a ritual led by Haern, the Great Oak is awakened as a conduit of Dendara.

70 MA:  Rahn is born from a mortal hero and the violent torture at the hands of an unnamed God, erupting from His volcano in a rage.

80 MA:  The name of Chakrasul, the unnamed God, is revealed by a powerful lich named Amairgen through a necromantic ritual.

80 MA:  The Sword of Lanos is shattered by Severn, leading to a crisis with the Shadow Plane that is promptly resolved. Lanos is confirmed as dead.

90 MA:  The latest of many skirmishes between the failed Ankyrean experiment, Zsarachnor, and the displaced Llazuth rock the lower levels of Azdun. In the aftermath, a servant of Llazuth, Lachesis, is returned to the service of the Spider Queen, and the Black Keep is revealed.

90 MA: Lleis is awoken from the Mitrine stone in the Liruma scrubland.

90 MA:  The failing Priest guild splinters, and the Luminaries are founded under the guidance of Sahmie Rhayse.

90 MA:  Two of the landmarks of the War of Power are rediscovered, these being the Orrery and the Horologue.

90 MA:  The Ankyrean citadel of Spinesreach is uncovered in the Tarea Mountains, much to the torment of Qeddwyn.

90 MA:  An ancient sword, a failed precursor to the legendary Demon Blade, is uncovered beneath Hashan and subsequently destroyed after a resounding failure by the lich Amairgen to control it and the slaughter of many residents of the city.

90 MA:  A faction of Sentaari, led by Clio Thetis, sacrifice their grasp of Kaido for their own Inner Spark, following after the Luminaries and becoming the Daru.

100 MA: The existence of the Grand Artifice becomes known to mortalkind.

100 MA:  A visitation to Zahmekoses and followers by the shade of Habbak, the last Ard-Dhasan of Spinesreach, culminates in the opening of the citadel and resettlement of the city for the first time since the fall of the Ankyrean Order.

100 MA:  Following complaints and insults from Eocik, a farmer of Spinesreach and harvester of secrets, the Cabal is founded within the citadel.

The Midnight Age: 100 – 200 MA

110 MA: 
 Enslaved Dwarven labourers in the caverns of Bloodloch rediscover a rusted blade, likely that of the shattered Demon Blade. Escaping the clutches of the lich Amairgen with the weapon, the Dwarf ultimately surrenders it to the hands of Trabarg the Archaeologist of Shallam and Dorin Silverbeard, a forger of some repute.

110 MA:  Ultimately, the blade is stolen by the Consanguine and bloodshed engulfs Hashan once again, after which Gar’losha himself awakes and retakes his blade, plunging it into his own chest and destroying both himself and his weapon.

110 MA: Djeir and the Black Lake are revealed far below Azdun.

110 MA:  Alongside the return of Arion, God of Valor, and His Isle, war collides with the distant city of Ashtan in the form of shiploads of Nazetu. Only the intervention of Duiran prevented the Nazetu establishing a permanent foothold in the Bay of Balaton, and even afterwards it is known that Chakrasul walks the land once again.

110 MA: The Black Forest south of Thera rises up and consumes the village.

110 MA: The Syssin Defenders are formed in Spinesreach from the remnants of the Shadowsnakes.

130 MA:  Arbothia is founded by displaced Therans.

150 MA: 
 An attempt is made by Vasilus and Rosalind, among others, to cure the Yggdrasil of its corruption, with limited success due to the interference of Rellin and Sigfriend Cardinalis.

150 MA:  A cure for vampirism is discovered when Zsarachnor tricks his rival, Belladona, into attaining mortality once again.

150 MA:  The spirit of Azaeru attempts to refound the Naldareth, calling on the Magi to reveal the Silver Spire and Kelsys and take up the burden of watching for the Children.

150 MA: The Grand Artifice is penetrated by a shard of the Sword of Truth, revealing the Misty Isles behind the facade of Ashtan-that-was.

160 MA:  The shell of Mebrene is killed when a misguided attempt to purify the Flame of the Yggdrasil, made by Ayalaine, channels corruption into Rahn’s form. Forges fail to light and the sun fails to shine.

160 MA: Necia, the Luminary tutor, is killed when Mebrene attempts to take them as a shell.

160 MA: Mebrene takes a sick child as a shell and is reborn as Auresae.

160 MA: The Sentinel tutor of the time, Vixen, is renamed Inesse by Auresae.

160 MA:  Lencissa, the last leader of the Illuminai, is brought forth by Auresae to serve the Luminaries as a tutor; her long vigil over the temple has however driven her mad, and the Goddess is forced to seal off the elemental’s memories. Now known as Lenci, she takes up a post in the guildhall.

160 MA: A ritual of remembrance for Tecpatl, a Rajamalan hero, frees Omei from Her prison.

160 MA: The Teradrim Sect is revealed within Bloodloch as servants of the Underking, Dhaivol.

160 MA: Two landmarks – the Fist of Dameron and Pillars of Maya – crumble to ruin.

160 MA:  A Grook named Oloo, fervent campaigner for ‘Free the Suicide Mice’ and ‘Live in harmony with the Beetles’ movements, cordons off the Blood Falls, a landmark, for environmental reasons resulting from year-long marathons of blood-pouring.

170 MA: Iosyne returns to prominence.

170 MA: The Tree landmark is destroyed by lightning.

170 MA: The Crystal Cave is destroyed by an earthquake.

170 MA: The Rememberers, a group of oral historians, are revived by Qedddwyn and the Oracle Orechnai.

180 MA:  Wsalaly, traitorous guardian of the Globe of Balance in Ashtan, is killed by Barrkesh of the Bahkatu. It is revealed that Wsalaly’s abuse of the Globe of Balance was directly responsible for the destruction of several landmarks.

180 MA: Unable to reconcile the confusion within Himself, Dhaivol splits into Dhar and Ivoln.

190 MA:  The Second Totem War takes place in Tasur’ke as Indorani and Bahkatu aggression spurs the populace to embrace undeath and destroy their totem. After the sanctifying of a monument to undeath and the subsequent vicious warring back and forth, as well as the emergence of a holy artifact called the Savage Crown, the defending spirits are destroyed and the monument is broken, leaving Tasur’ke covered in lifeless sand.

200 MA: Around this time, the secrets of Reanimation are discovered/developed.

The Midnight Age: 200 – 300 MA

230 MA:  The settlement of Nuunva is revealed to the wider world when a search for a missing child wanders into it.

250 MA: The Chapel Gardens are stricken with a curse of undeath as traitors in the prison bend necromancy to their own ends.

270 MA:  In a bid to take the power of the Silver Spire for themselves, Saayar of the Spellshapers of Ayhesa tricks the Magi into assisting in a grand heist. When Saayar explodes due to a miscalculation, the Silver Spire is destroyed in a vortex of power, and Kelsys is destroyed along with it.

270 MA:  The Kerrithrim, a huge and terrible beast, is wakened by the violence. Ia, ia. Shastaan is utterly destroyed in its emergence.

270 MA:  Arion is badly wounded in an engagement with the beast, fading away before His follower’s eyes after only a brief scuffle.

270 MA: Khepri is eaten unceremoniously when ordering the Kerrithrim to ‘sit’.

270 MA:  A unified army is assembled from the villages across Sapience, and a plan is proposed by Corporal Cazin of the Enorian Army – using catapaults, a team of warriors could be launched onto the beast, to cut into it and kill it from the inside out.

270 MA:  Severn attempts to command the Kerrithrim while wearing the form of an unknown Goddess. The beast does not fall for His trick and the God loses an arm in the resulting scuffle.

270 MA:  The combined assaults of Omei, Galleus, Chakrasul, Ivoln and Dhar avail them nothing, and Galleus loses an eye to the Kerrithrim.

270 MA:  The beast is slain when Dreadlord Missari and the Azudim Warlord Mazzion survive the assault on the heart chamber and succeed in destroying it, and collapses beside the highway.

290 MA:  A second Master Crystal is revealed beneath the Globe of Balance as Alaihandra attempts to recruit Ianus of the Ascendril Circle into propping up the flagging guild of the Magi.

290 MA:  Mitrine hunters in the Tundra accidentally trigger an explosive device in the lost Ankyrean Containment Laboratory, sending up a beacon and killing most of the group. A group of adventurers move to the containment facility, and Atrapoema releases an Ankyrean biological war machine called Amalgamated Prototype – Amal for short. In his rage at discovering the loss of the Ankyrean Order, Amal killed many, only halting when confronted by Qeddwyn and ordered to stand down.

295 MA:  The Dreikathi invade from the east of Sapience, sending a fleet of airships to invade Delos, bomb Spinesreach and Eleusis, and finally regroup and establish a beach head in Scidve. Polemarch Andalso declares that Sapience has been claimed in the name of the Autarch, and demands the unconditional surrender of the entire populace.

295 MA:  The Aalen Forest is bombed with a terrible purple sludge, and mutations and death afflict all who live there.

295 MA:  Ashtan is conquered by the Dreikathi and they begin brutally digging out the leylines once called the Seams of Balance.

295 MA:  Having returned to physical existence and now seeking answers from His Brother Severn, Arion invades the minotaur village of Sterion and cuts His way into the Shadow Plane, vanishing from sight.

295 MA:  Amal rises from the Great Rock and destroys a Dreikathi airship single-handedly, destroying the Shooting Star Inn, then clashes with Polemarch Andalso directly before being struck down.

295 MA:  Weeks of guerilla warfare and outright conflict, as well as the singular efforts of Villi of Spinesreach in picking off Dreikathi troops, result in the driving-back of the Dreikathi, and through the theft of an airship followed by the machinations of an elemental eld’akathi, the continent of Albedos and the city of Delve made known to Sapience. The eld’akathi also spreads their power in benediction, passing knowledge of the Albedi tongue – previously called Herolian – to the people of Sapience.

296 MA:  Following the quarantine brought about by the Aalen Bloom, there is a population boom in Gorshire of babies born in record numbers. This new generation of Gnomes are known colloquially, and often derisively, as the ‘bloombaby’ generation.

The Midnight Age: 300 – 400 MA

310 MA:  Dhar departs to examine the mystery of the Albedi dead. A revolt occurs within the Underking’s Halls in His absence, led by the power-hungry Verkai. Edhain, Dhar’s Order, as well as His High Priest Jirair, enter the Halls of Judgement to fight back Verkai but are repulsed.

320 MA:  Haern attempts to cleanse the Aalen with divine fire, resulting in the wounding of the God and the emergence of blood-red stalks from the purple sludge.

320 MA:  A terrible disease rises up from the stalks. Known as the Aalen Bloom, it kills many with no apparent cure.

330 MA:  When the Hunter attempts to speak to the assembled people of Duiran about the nature of His wound and His work in the Aalen, it becomes apparent that He is cursed to silence. Calling upon Auresae, the congregation learns that the Artificer’s mark is on Haern’s geas. The sudden reappearance of Severn, wielding the stolen blade of Arion, the Axiom, throws proceedings into violence, and it takes the sacrifice of a slave named Danerran to distract the Artificer long enough for His Sword to be broken and the Artificer driven off.

330 MA:  With the breaking of the Axiom, Lanos’ essence takes the broken body of Danerran as a shell and is reborn as Damariel. He frees Haern of His geas and speaks of Ohlsana, the Shadow Mother, and the true death of Arion. It seems that the God of Valor sacrificed his essence to fuel that of Lanos during their long imprisonment in the Axiom and the Shadow Plane.

330 MA:  A sarcophagus is uncovered in mysterious circumstances below the Mhojave Desert, guarded by a terrible Gorgon. Touching this sarcophagus consumes the blight of the Aalen Bloom, as well as something deeper, from the bodies of those who do so.

340 MA:  The first Idreth is born as Korvok Irontooth and Lauri pass uncovered Ankyrean writings to Spinesreach and Conduit Eleanor sucessfully undergoes the process.

350 MA:  Ysmali is destroyed by the accidental assistance of Niuri, as the Goddess of Mystery attempts to assist Her Sister and instead overloads her. The sad remains of Khepri form a crazed beast, swiftly caged, and the essence of Corruption takes Empress Irijali of Djeir as a shell, returning Chakrasul to the realm.

360 MA:  Seeking to fill the void left by Varian’s silence, Galleus looks into the Ark of the Celestine and ascends to a higher echelon, leaving His domain of Air untended. Following raging storms in Spinesreach and the uneasy cessation of weather patterns, the spirit of Air takes root in Bokag, once-king of Hashan, and is reborn as Maghak.

365 MA:  Iosyne is betrayed and murdered by Her sister Omei and brother Maghak. Omei takes Her eyes, and Maghak takes Her heart.

365 MA:  The planar orrery is rediscovered under Spinesreach, and the vengeful spirit of its Ankyrean tender is wrested from the young girl it was possessing and placed in a mindless shell. The spirit, Vusbati, shares with assembled Spireans some details of the Disturbance and the true origins of the Atabahi.

365 MA: 
 After meddling by two odd, mysterious Kelki and the assistance of Xavin, the Iernian Fracture yawns wide beneath the Putoran Hills, consuming the Naldareth facility housing the Ascendril guild in the process.

365 MA:  Baelak Shipbreaker, Nazedha Emperor of the Western Isles, makes landfall on Sapience. After allying himself with Bloodloch, his Nazedha Empire demands the obedience of the other three cities, only to be swiftly denied.

365 MA:  Shastaan is cleansed of its Thrim infestation by the Ascendril magi and a group of Kelki called the Pact. Strange, deformed cultists and the men responsible for opening the Fracture are also found, and killed, during the purging. A settlement is built over the ruins, named Mournhold by those living there.

365 MA:  The corruption of Dendara comes to a head, and in an effort to purge it of the Shadow that taints it, Lleis sacrifices Her life to merge with the plane. The Great Oak is revitalized in the process, Dendara is cleansed, and the spirits of the Praadi come forth, reforming the Shamans from the tatters of the Druid guild.

370 MA:  The ancient edifice of Stormcaller Crag is reclaimed by Maghak and settled by Trolls from Hashan.

370 MA:  The Nazedha Empire invades Sapience in full force, sending units of highly organized and powerful soldiers to seige the mainland.

370 MA: Their alliance with Bloodloch does not last long as the Nazedha turn on the mainlanders.

370 MA: The Dun Fortress is conquered and rededicated to the strange Chaos God of the Nazedha, Lanu Du.

370 MA:  The Revelation of the Dark Spire of Nazedha is made known, shocking those scholars of Enorian who recall Sahmie’s Revelation and the Age of Enlightenment.

370 MA:  Prince Tolonar turns to Lanu Du and the Nazedha for power, becoming lord and regent of the Dun Fortress.

370 MA:  The Entropic Acropolis, an alien shard of the Chaos Plane, along with its three strange and terrifying Lords is discovered to be accessible from the Dun Fortress.

370 MA:  After a vicious, bloody, gruelling war, the Nazedha are repulsed, in part due to contracting the Aalen Bloom that once decimated Sapience. Baelak retreats back to his islands, leaving the Balaton Bay conquered by the Nazedha and founded as a new settlement.

370 MA:  Iosyne is reborn in the depths of Azdun as a malignant and terrifying force, taking the name of the Malevolent. Llazuth proclaims the rebirth of the Dark Empire over the mangled corpse of Zsarachnor.

380 MA: The Sect of Blades is founded in Delos, for the glory of warriors.

380 MA:  Abhorash returns, dissolves the Imperium of Blood for their crimes against the Consanguine, and institutes the Dominion with himself at its head.

380 MA: Dhar lays seige to Chakrasul’s Tiyen Indoron, setting it to the flame.

380 MA: The Pious Wards of Delve are opened to foreigners, offering insight into the absent Albedi Gods.

390 MA: Emissaries of the Dark Empire tour each of the four cities, reawakening old conflicts.

390 MA:  Iosyne’s meddling in the Shadow Plane results in a plague of darkness afflicting both the Goddess and Her Order.

390 MA:  As Iosyne succumbs to the Shadowbound plague and is replaced by a strange and unstable double, Ati stirs in ancient Farsai. Revealed to be the progeny of the Shadow Mother, Ohlsana, the creature possesses the Spirean doctor Janus Anfini after killing its own priest in an attempt at attaining a physical form.

390 MA:  Severn intervenes directly to assist Moirean of Iosyne’s order in understanding that her Goddess tapped into the Shadow Plane and succumbed to Ohlsana’s corrupting power.

390 MA:  Strange, floating jellyfish appear across Sapience as Katia of the Pact accidentally blows a hole through the planes, only narrowly prevented from becoming a total catastrophe by the Ascendril guild and Belgarion.

390 MA:  Severn’s intervention in Iosyne’s Shadowbound state results in the return of the Goddess, although Her followers still suffer the debilitating effects of the Shadowplague.

400 MA:  The threat of the strange jellies becomes apparent as they begin to nest, spawning in far greater numbers and demonstrating remarkable shapeshifting powers. The very fabric of the planes seems to warp around the pearls of their nest-spires, and intervention by Teani of Duiran and the Stormcaller Research Society is disrupted when bipedal, aggressive entities appear to seize the nests. The creatures are fought off and  the jellies destroyed, and it seems stability has been returned to the Prime Material.

400 MA: A rebellion occurs in Spinesreach at the hand of the mysterious anti-republic shadow broker, Vex.

400 MA:  A cult of insane Kelki is discovered under Mournhold, and the birth of a new Kerrithrim is only barely averted by an armed force of Enorianite and Duiranite warriors.

400 MA:  The Kobolds of Siha Dylis reopen their settlement in the dungeons of Azdun, having rebuilt after Iosyne’s rebirth ruined their realm.

400 MA:  A delegation of Grecht from the distant and vast empire of the Dehkay Plateau visit the cities of Spinesreach, leaving behind a small settlement in the Northern Tundra known as Arget Efri. Soon after this, the renegade Grecht of the Siroccian mountains open the gates of their Arget Massai atop Mount Sheine.

400 MA:  Attempting to wrest power from the Source of Knowledge, Niuri is betrayed by Ivoln. The Gods watch in silence as Her hands are cut off and She is cast into the Source, destroyed almost entirely by the raging power of the rift.

400 MA:  The madness and corruption of Dendara are expressed once again as the ancient and cannibalistic spirits of Prophet’s Hollow war with the ancestor spirits of the Praadi and the Sentinels. The Pride is gifted with new training to combat the aberrations that pour from Dendara’s broken heart.

400 MA:  Mortal experimentation with Niuri’s salvaged hand leads to the wounding of Vrennin and the plaintive dissolution of a fragment of the Ultraist’s spirit, as a ritual to anchor the fragmented Goddess goes awry.

400 MA: Warmaster Rhauv arrives from Azvosh to test the might of the Teradrim. The guild is tasked with constructing him a weapon so that he can measure the warband’s strength.

400 MA: Gebron the Master Ranger falls in battle within the Ancelian Moor. Huntleader Tomor rallies Rangers from across Sapience to reinforce the Moor against the ancient darkness plaguing it.

400 MA: Primus Abhorash Nehekhara re-opens the famed Alcazar palace. Reimagined in purpose, the building serves the dual purpose of government complex and luxurious Consanguine playground.

The Midnight Age: 400 – 500 MA

411 MA: Omei and Iosyne’s feud escalates to a critical point as the Malevolent declares Her sister an unworthy opponent. Fueled by the confidence of victory, She goes on to reclaim Her heart from Maghak, the Sovereign in a fateful game of dice.

412 MA: Primus Abhorash Nehekhara granted his blood to Ezalor D’baen, siring him as the sixth childe. This marks the bridging of a generational gap, as it had been many years since the last time the Primus had sired anyone.

412 MA: Armed with the legendary Demon Blade and backed by an army of Troll irregulars, Juxa Steelhew returns to Hashan and slaughters her family to secure her ascent to the throne.

414 MA: Evlasu is overtaken by a fetid, abberant blight, prompting a group of Duirani adventurers to plunge into its defiled depths. The community of Evlasu sacrifices their young in an attempt to ‘reawaken Dendara’ after hearing It call to them. War brews within the ancient plane as the Rangers assemble within the Prophet’s Hollow.

417 MA: The cult of Chakrasul, led by Ashmer Ras’valyra and Tina Cardinalis, sieges the Slyphian Grotto. Following a duel between the Dark Lady and the Maelstrom, the grotto is twisted into the Spiral of the Corrupt.

417 MA: A definitive victory against Juxa Steelhew’s regime is secured by Duiran’s troops. Upon searching the Vagrant Queen’s citadel, Spirean scouts discover her impaled to her own throne by the Demon Blade. The Demon Ruin appears before the gathered crowd in the throneroom and declares Itself free by way of blood offering. It departs, leaving behind the Blade that imprisoned It. Spirean agents confiscate the Blade after a bloody confrontation.

417 MA: The ancient Albedi deity known as Odravh stirs within the wreckage of Hashan. After besting the assembled might of Sapience’s pantheon, the Abyssal departs the continent to return to Their own realm.

417 MA: Lycanthropes across the realm are driven mad by Odravh’s work with the ley. In the wake of the first Packmoot, the Bahkatu Sleuth and Atabahi Rout are dissolved and closer knit packs are formed in their place.

419 MA: Cannan Flyer is lured to Tecpatl’s Cradle, a region once known as the Garden of Dreams. Infused with the power of the missing goddess Omei, he sacrifices a large gathering of adventurers and subsequently expires beneath the crushing weight of temporary godhood.

419 MA: The Sindele Clan Cradle Dig commences. After breaking through the overgrown entryway of the Cradle’s most ancient structure, the Sindele twins and their retinue of adventurers discovers a sickly starscape at the tower’s top – as well as the incorporeal form of a suicidal Omei. Ignoring
Her demand for solitude, Eiger Sindele attempts to loot the chamber and faces the wrath of the maddened goddess. The act of slaying the Lycanthropic treasure hunter renders her the new shell of the goddess, driving Omei to assume the mantle of Beast Queen.

419 MA: The existence of the Muse’s Tome becomes evident to the Malevolent. After recovering it from the Underking’s domain, She returns it to Her old temple and renders the surroundings more suitable to Her refined tastes.

419 MA: Rogue cultist Lorenzo returns to the Great Rock and strikes down Bearnath at the urgings of the Beast Queen Herself. Naming himself the new leader, he turns the cult towards worship of Omei.

421 MA: The Malevolent creates a new passageway up into Her former temple, unifying old and new in the process.

421 MA: After subjugating the village of el’Jazira, Primus Abhorash Nehekhara sires his seventh childe: Sarita Bahir’an.

422 MA: Valakris the Bellower bursts forth from the depths of the Kalydian Forest, disease and blight empowering him. His rampage ended when he was consigned to the fires of the Great Oak’s core, his spirit released to rebirth.

422 MA: The forces of Enorian, Duiran, and rebels from Moghedu align to liberate the subterranean territories from the cruelty of Bloodloch. In a tremendous feat of telepathy, the Sentaari, Daru, and the Great Mhunna moved the entirety of the Mhun’s ancestral home to the Siroccian mountains.

424 MA: The Beast Queen allows the Maelstrom access to dreams of the lost Kelki of Kelsys. The Maelstrom is lost within a trap in this dream realm.

424 MA: The Maelstrom’s order receives visions of mechanical aberrations and bizarre images that imply that the God lives but cannot escape the dream. The Beast Queen rips open a hole in Mournhold to grant adventurers ingress into the nightmare realm to assist with freeing Her Sibling. Slyphe
assumes the mantle of ‘the Fabricator’ after witnessing the technological marvels within the dreams of Kelsys.

428 MA: Ulangi is scoured by the Effulgent Shout, destroying the ancestral home of the Grook and Horkval.

429 MA: A forgotten city is discovered off the coast of Tasur’ke, its domes haunted by horribly deformed Kelki.

429 MA: The Carnifex and Wraithlord Gruxmal create a new master soulstone, an act which draws the ire of the Underking.

431 MA: The Unbound, the Hunter, and the Tempest assemble before the gates of the Republic and demand that the Sovereign show Himself. Haern tears out Maghak’s heart and gives it to Slyphe, who assumes
control over the power of Air.

432 MA: The lost city of Iviofiyiedu is unearthed.

433 MA: The Aalen transforms into a haunted autumnal landscape, its blood-tinged foliage inspiring its new moniker: the Bloodwood.

436 MA: The long forgotten Bastion of Illdon is rediscovered in the eastern reaches of the Bloodwood.

436 MA: The Grand Library is burned to the ground. Vowing to rebuild, Herolt the decipherer begins taking donations for new reading material.

443 MA: Haag is slain by Barkhul, who uses the rest of his strength to shroud the Ashtan Bog and Birka Mire in a thick, impassable fog.

446 MA: An elderly sage visits the city-states of Sapience and reveals the history of the Aztob, an ancient group of Indoron.

446 MA: Chaos rifts open in the Bloodwood thanks to the rites of the Aztob cultists. Adventurers attempt to seal them, though members of the Indorani endeavor to defend the openings in hopes of fostering an alliance with the ancient remnant of Indoron.

446 MA: A rift to the Shattered Vortex is established, allowing the city-states of Sapience to assist the Demonsbane Revolt and the Aztob cultists in their eternal struggle.

451 MA: The sky is wrenched open to expose the Fundamental Plane of Shadow, allowing Severn the Manipulator to break through and return to the Prime Material Plane. During this time, Ati the Third Child rises up from the Itzatl and reunites with Ohlsana. The Lance of Irissotl is shattered beyond all repair.

451 MA: The sky once more tears open, allowing Ati and Shadow Lord Murgraxis to access the continent of Sapience. Refusing Their demand for Damariel’s surrender, the Pantheon of Sapience joined to repel Them. Though Auresae, Chakrasul, Damariel, and Slyphe combined Their forces to battle the two generals of Shadow, They were unable to best the two blessed by the Shadow Mother. Auresae sacrifices Herself to forestall Ati.

451 MA: Exarch Aban, Hand of the Il’ahji arrives upon the Prime Material with a legion of Duamvi warriors. Intent of advancing the cause of the Light even in this dark time, he opts to remain within Sapience.

451 MA: Emperor Baelak Shipbreaker sieges the eastern coast of the continent in an attempt to fulfill the prophecy of his dark master, Lanu Du. Slyphe attempts to wreck the fleet with a storm and is impaled
upon the bowsprit of Baelak’s flagship, though the God manages to retreat after destroying a handful of ships. The Nazedha meet the invading shadows blow for blow, turning Delos into a three front battlefield between Baelak, Ohlsana, and the forces of Sapience. Qeddwyn the Wise is captured in the chaos.

451 MA: The Nazedhan fleet sieges Enorian and occupies the city, forcing its citizens to take refuge in Mostyn and Ilhavon. The Cabalists perform a ritual to focus the heat of the realm upon the territory of the Beacon, burning many of its buildings and incinerating untold numbers of occupying Nazedha forces but ultimately failing to break Baelak’s hold upon the city.

452 MA: Emperor Baelak Shipbreaker sacrifices some of his own men in an eldritch ritual within the heart of Enorian. The ritual causes Lanu Du to stir in Its sleep, crushing most of Enorian in the process. The Emperor is cast down by Sapience’s united forces and Qeddwyn is freed. The goddess Avareti emerges by mysterious means. Mebrene is reincarnated into the Ogre Katshkele, giving rise to Ethne the Rekindled.

452 MA: The prophet Kayalenki prays for a great cleansing, freeing the Nazetu from Chakrasul’s influence and granting them rebirth spiritually. These freed folk become the Arqeshi and join with the city of Enorian.

452 MA: Ati leads the Shadowbound in an assault upon Bloodloch. Primus Abhorash Nehekhara duels the Third Child upon the dunes and triumphs in dramatic fashion by absorbing Ati’s essence into himself.

452 MA: The Malevolent suppresses the rift to Czjetija for long enough to allow adventurers to march upon Sterion and push back Shadow General Murgraxis. The Rekindled leads a ritual to restore the sun,
banishing the eternal night brought by the war.

452 MA: The village of Hubride begins to welcome outsider visitors.

453 MA: The region of Augerweald and Mount Heylai become accessible to adventurers.

454 MA: After a confrontation between Their orders, Dhar tears Chakrasul’s shell asunder with His blade. Though He attempts to obliterate Her essence once and for all, Corruption eludes His grasp and claims Alkonost, the dear friend of His High Priest, as Her next vessel.

454 MA: Muadi the Gatekeeper reveals Itself to Sapience and sunders Dhar’s Abyss, bringing oblivion to the souls trapped within the deepest layer of the Underhalls.

455 MA: Tanixalthas the Sun Drinker arrives in Sapience and demands tribute from the ‘lesser creatures’ that inhabit the continent. She defeats the red dragon Yudhishthira in mortal combat and brokers an agreement with Severn and Slyphe before departing for the isle of Asper.

455 MA: The isolated village of Yuzurai beseeches the Heartwood for aid against the countless rojalli outside their village, inadvertently revealing themselves to Sapience at large in the process.

456 MA: Following a slew of volcanic activity in the Putoran Hills, a host of lava daemons lay waste to all in their path as they flee the chaos brewing within their home. The fiery god of rage and hatred known as Yvalamon tears free from Its prison within the volcano and commences a destructive warpath that is cut short by mysterious intervention from the heavens. The Fury vanishes shortly Thereafter.

456 MA: The Teshen Undercroft is opened for the first time in thousands of years.

456 MA: Dhaz Mitrine is opened to outsiders for the first time in centuries.

457 MA: Enorian assembles a vanguard of warriors to aid the Dwarves and Trolls of the Three Widows against Atav raiders, beginning the Three Widow War. Bloodloch lends temporary assistance to the slavers of
Skythrone, though the efforts of the Atav are soon stymied by the Republic of Spinesreach. In the aftermath, the villagers of the Three Widows form the Three Widows Republic in emulation of their new allies.

461 MA: The Warlord known as Zsadist is made a champion of Golgothan Chaos and takes the name ‘Rhyot’ upon his ascension to Chaos Lord.

461 MA: As Tecpatl’s Cradle grew unstable, Lady Sythro and the Nightmare see to the merging of Prime and Dreamscape – this act births the Seer’s Wood, a new domain attached to the Morgun Forest.

463 MA: Kelliara Vetra-Seirath loosens the bonds upon Heva the Speaker, wrecking havoc upon the Three Widows and Skythrone. Heva is immediately beset by a seething, shadowy adversary, and Their clash
brings immense destruction to the surrounding area. Shards from the explosion rain down upon Sapience and become the subject of many mortal struggles. Denizens of the Air Plane spill forth from the points of impact and Heva banishes the darkened foe attacking Her. In the aftermath of the event, the Azure Guard is founded.

463 MA: Alarmed by the extent to which Numerologists had developed their powers and fearful of the apocalyptic threat that the Cabal could pose to Sapience, Eocik closes the doors of the guild in the best interest of reality’s continued integrity.

464 MA: Hemold begins to take students in the way of Albedi Wayfaring after escaping the clutches of an Aslinn slavemaster.

464 MA: The Master Crystals of the Ascendril and Sciomancers go missing after an explosion in both guildhalls.

464 MA: The Master Crystals return from the crystalline void, their critical state creating swathes of crystalline formations inside Enorian and Spinesreach.

464 MA: The Archivium is founded by Sneak the Numerologist after a majority vote within the Spirean Secretariat, its halls filled with members of the now defunct Cabal.

465 MA: A division of Haekathi launches an attack on Esterport as a distraction, allowing two teams of covert operatives to make an attempt at attacking the recently recovered Master Crystals. The attacks are repelled and adventurers soon track down the leaders of this operation and put them to the sword. In the aftermath of the battle, it is discovered that the Haekathi were responsible for the recent disturbances of both crystals.

465 MA: Dromse Thicket and its wereraven Tsol’aan inhabitants are discovered.

465 MA: In the wake of the Haekathi incursion, the Dreikathi sludge becomes active and begins spreading. Adventurers obliviously track the terrible substance throughout Sapience, damning the natural
environs of the continent to a horrible fate. Curatives of all kinds begin to fail as the sludge infects the realm at large, requiring new innovations in apothecary studies. The purgative elixir is successfully produced and distributed, though its consumption renders curative ineffectual. Apothecary and Herbalism studies soon replace the ancient practices of Concoctions and Reanimation
and the Archivists found a cure for the virulent sludge before it mutates and ravages the realm again.

466 MA: Primus Abhorash Nehekhara brokers a deal with Datlotl the Conclavist, freeing His vampiric children via severance from His blood.

469 MA: Dhuazh, a devout worshipper of Chakrasul and self-styled Doomsayer, engineers a mutation of the Ashtani utricularia capable of feeding upon the ley. The monstrous plant drinks deeply of the land’s primordial power, necessitating a crowd of adventurers to cut it back down to size.

470 MA: The dying Maghak gathers His followers before His throne for one final cigar. The Hunter arrives and is ignored for His part in the Sovereign’s pitiful state. The final remnants of Air join with the core burned into Tanixalthas’ chest, granting Her full dominion over its power.

471 MA: Chieftain Sorkan of Jaru beseeches the Ascendril Order for their aid in flooding the village to irrigate its fields.

471 MA: Mandre Opraf, an ancient Aztob cultist, uses Necromancy to twist animals into undead servants. After a violent altercation between her supporters and those that uphold the sanctity of the Cycle,
her tower is sealed from the inside by those cultists still within.

472 MA: The Ophidians of the Great Rock clash with the Beastlord cultists, claiming a decisive victory in the process. The Crow Man known as Lorenzo escapes and Sapience is alerted to the passing of
Chieftain Skt’all of the Ophidians. Pa’akth succeeds his father as Chieftain of his people and, at the urgings of his new Kobold wife-to-be, declares himself as Emperor of a renewed Ophidian Empire.

472 MA: The Rotfang Warrens are discovered in the Mamashi Grasslands.

473 MA: The Beastlord cult ousts the Imps of Sehal from the once-temple of Khepri. The displaced folk blame the Ophidian Empire for their woes and threaten war. Imp scouts begin laying traps in the Liruma to hamper their perceived foe.

473 MA: Nesynesfe vakh Khatafin – the Temple of the Winds – is unearthed through the combined Earth and Water magics of the Sciomancers and Ascendril. The Ophidian Empire lays claim to it and hunts down Lorenzo the Crow Man, putting an end to the Beastlord cult in the process. The Imps of Sehal continue to threaten war.

473 MA: Axamivoa Fraxi ge Feduan of the Mitrine communes with the Air spirit held captive within Nesynesfe vakh Khatafin’s nexus of leylines. Violence and chaos break out when assemblies from all of Sapience
arrive to watch the communion. As a result, the Holy Impire of Sehal, the Mitrine people, and the Second Ophidian Empire go to war with one another in the Liruma Scrubland.

473 MA: The Cult of Kaarn abducts the Hunter. Beasts of mutated energy burst free from the Core of the Great Oak, threatening the Heartwood and raising concerns for the well-being of Dendara.

475 MA: The Liruma War ends with the Ophidian Empire solidifying control over the Temple of the Winds, marking the end of hostilities in the region.

476 MA: A burst of energy in the Western Tundra attracts the attention of adventurers from every city-state, leading them to an ancient Ankyrean barrow used to inter the dead. Though not a new geographic discover in itself, the lead seal blocking further entry inside is found to be cracked, allowing access to unseen sections. More protective seals are found to be inert or ineffectual, to the dismay of the Pantheon. The lumenite seal of Spirit is reinforced and stabilized, buying time for the realm to prepare for the awakening of the being sealed beneath the barrow.

476 MA: Dregs of nightmarish beings begin to struggle forth from the cracks in the Western Tundra. Alongside these terrible beings is Lobyl, a living Ankyrean commander from the Second Immortal
Epoch. The warrior of the Devotion Conclave is disoriented and confused, but divulges critical information regarding Jox, the serpentine Albedi god locked within an unending nightmare of Omei’s making.

476 MA: Lobyl and an assembly of adventurers fight back the nightmarish dregs in the Western Tundra. The Ankyrean meets with some of the greatest blacksmiths in the realm to craft a weapon capable of withstanding his usage. The lumenite seal of Spirit breaks. The Grey Accords are signed. The seal of Chaos is reinforced with buckets of blood.

476 MA: The Manipulator dismantles the Indorani as payment for their treachery.

476 MA: The seal of Chaos falters. The final seal of astenel is discovered, it alone holding back the fury of the Leviathan. The Twins command mortal and Immortal alike to prepare for the coming battle with the tumultuous god.

476 MA: The Nightmare steals the Unbound’s starmetal leg in a gambit to repair the astenel seal imprisoning Jox.

478 MA: The Duamvi symbiote of Pelath is passed on to Ywena, the Illuminai guild tutor. This marks the first time in many years that a new host is found for a Duamvi. A number of veteran symbiotes find a new host in notable adventurers.

479 MA: The Chaos War is waged by the Golgothan Court. Rifts open all around Sapience, allowing the Court’s troops to terrorize the continent at large. Guided by the unity of the Grey Accords, adventurers beat back the Court’s generals. Adventurers defeat Prince Dameron and join the Warlord
in battle against Emperor Jy’barrak Golgotha. Upon the Emperor’s defeat, Bamathis divides Sapient Chaos in two and bequeaths the two halves to Omei and Chakrasul. The roots of Yggdrasil are discovered to be damaged after the final battle.

481 MA: The Enchanter’s Society of Mournhold is formed. They reveal their first discovery from ruined Kelsys: a crystal aegis inscribed with unknown glyphs.

481 MA: A loud explosion erupts from the Ironmaw Prison, allowing a trio of sciomancy-wielding criminals to escape confinement.

481 MA: Nogvert, one of the escapees in Ironmaw’s recent prison break, is captured after buying time for his two fellows Rubanzin and Twilleri to escape. The Goblin claims that the two are cultists that forced him into cooperation. During Nogvert’s interrogation, the remaining criminals attack
Spinesreach and are confirmed to be Shadowbound. The pair’s reckless sciomancy results in a dangerous singularity that consumes part of the city before it is stopped by the combined forces of the Manipulator, the Archivium, the Sciomancers, and the Syssin. As a result of their collective success, Shadow is further anchored to the Prime Material Plane – a fact that causes distress in the Duamvi population of Enorian.

481 MA: With the other elemental connections left out of balance by Severn’s dark gambit, the Ascendril Order seeks out knowledge of the ancient Naldareth practice of forming physical planar links. They
proceed with establishing links to Rahiela, Denan Arloi, Kal Keleru, and Rewh’va, but rumbling on the opposite end of the link to Azvosh convinces the Order not to complete Earth’s connection. The established balance brings relief to the Duamvi and newfound magical potency to the realm.

484 MA: The Heartwood cleanses the corruption of the outer Kalydian Forest with the help of Scyllus and the Nightmare’s magical staves.

485 MA: Strife and Corruption’s servants go to war for unknown reasons. The Dark Lady’s order claims victory.

485 MA: The Argent Legion marches upon Skythrone, joined by the Warlord. Intent on putting an end to the Azure Guard’s worship of the Speaker, the Legion defiles every shrine and lays waste to the priesthood. Bamathis issues an ultimatum, giving the community one week to give up their beliefs and dismantle the cult of the Albedi god.

485 MA: Adventurers from the Beacon of the Dawn and the Heartwood rush to Skythrone to persuade its inhabitants to look to the pantheon of Sapience instead of the Speaker.

485 MA: One week after His attack on Skythrone, the Warlord returns in force with a collective crowd of legionnaires and adventurers alike. The Argent Legion sacks the temple of Heva, though they are too late to prevent the Azure Guard from beseeching the aid from Saas, Acolyte of the Wind. Before He can finish off the child of Heva, Bamathis is smote by the might of the Albedi god Herself. The goddess of the Accord departs with Her broken child in Her arms.

486 MA: A colossal death eld breaks free from the pylon of the Heartwood and is vanquished by the adventurer Zynti, though he is lost in the leylines as a result. In the aftermath of the battle, the Titan Jhin emerges from the ley.

491 MA: The first Nocturn is born when Ayuna withstands the rigor of Zsarachnor’s cursed blood. She is reborn as Ayukazi following her victory over the vampire lord.

491 MA: The first mortal of the modern era achieves Adherence when Mazzion proves himself worthy of Iosyne’s virtue of Malevolence.

493 MA: The infamous necromancer Varach Scolrys masterminds his own reanimation and subjects the continent to his vengeful rot.

494 MA: A mysterious individual known as Meyondu arrives in Spinesreach in search of the Ard-Dhasani and the Conclaves. They bring a message to the Manipulator, who immediately sets the city to the task of
assisting them with their work. This cooperation reignites the ancient practice of the Revenants, a discipline dedicated to combining martial mastery with shadow magic.

494 MA: The ancient tradition of the crypt-defending Wardens is once more brought to light, showcasing the warrior culture of the Ithmian tribes.

497 MA: The territories of the Sanguine Fist go through a brief time of rebellion. In a showing of strength, the city restructures their chain of command and crushes the resistance within Kornar, el’Jazira, and the Lich Gardens in short order.

497 MA: Durentesh leads an S.G.S research expedition to the blighted island of Ulangi and discovers the twisted Kkirrrr’shi Hive.

497 MA: The village of Gorshire experiences unrest amidst a massacre, a political race, and a mine cave-in. In the aftermath, the practice of Mining is taught to adventurers at large and Gnomes scatter throughout the realms to begin careers as adventurers.

498 MA: The Sanguine Fist and the Teradrim Warband re-establish the elemental equilibrium of the Prime Material Plane by establishing five monoliths that anchor it to Azvosh, the Core Plane of Earth.

498 MA: The Imago’s Chromatic Court consolidates control of the Astral Realm, bringing its Nobility beneath Her rule. In the aftermath, She gifts the modern art of Oneiromancy to the realm at large.

498 MA: The Cogger known as Copperhead arrives upon the continent of Sapience. Claiming to be an emissary of Kalchos, it claims to seek ‘the Confluence’. A series of five puzzles are solved within the ruins
of Masilia, followed by a clash between the forces of Spirit and Shadow. Following a bloody draw, the tumultuous Fury attacks the ruins in an attempt to destroy the aeonic device. The Albedi god is ultimately repelled by the wrath of Tanixalthas.

498 MA: A group of Haekathi operatives successfully bomb the harbor in Enorian, resulting in myriad casualties and a loss of many military vessels.

498 MA: Yvalamon the Fury begins to emerge during times of immense bloodshed, Its daemonic servants manifesting amidst the frenzy of combat.

498 MA: The Dawnbreaker is constructed in Enorian’s newly repaired harbor.

499 MA: The Haekathi continue to harry the coasts of Sapience as their operatives span the continent. A group of them are repelled from the site of the Confluence by Copperhead.

499 MA: The Warlord and the Hunter come to an agreement on how to combat the Fury, with Haern only offering His assistance under the condition that the Manipulator be barred from the battlefield.

499 MA: Copperhead of the Third Spoke is directed to Spinesreach by two Duirani adventurers, setting in motion a chain of events that would threaten the structural integrity of the Republic of Spinesreach.

499 MA: The Beacon of the Dawn sets out on the Dawnbreaker and sinks the Midnight Serpent, putting an end to Captain Xaseira.

499 MA: Copperhead of the Third Spoke discovers an ancient construct in the catacombs of Spinesreach and blunders into a trap set by Sneak the Numerologist and Northern citizens. Employing crude Cogger trickery, it convinces a leader of Spinesreach to loosen its bindings and immediately slaughters its captors before seeking safety within the aqueducts. For weeks, the automaton sets in motion a multiple phase plan to destroy the city from the inside. After a harrowing infiltration into the network of tunnels built by the maddened mechanical being, the Republicans brave its psyche and erase the memory of its hostility towards the city.

499 MA: The Hunter and Heartwood alike venture into the Breakage, a shadowrotten section of Dendara. Valorie’s corporeal form is unraveled by the aeonic device in the ruins of Masilia, displacing her from time and allowing her audience with Veithadros, a constellation of hope. The act of reformation renders her an Aetherial. The Heartwood fights off aberrant monsters from the remaining glades in the area as Haern conducts a ritual to elevate Illidan to the state of Tiarna an-Kiar. The ritual slays the Ogre, giving way to his rebirth as Illikaal.

499 MA: The Warlord and the Hunter use a bloody battle to lure the Fury to ruined Farsai, where They nearly triumph over the tumultuous deity. Severn attempts to deliver a killing blow to the fiery god despite of Bamathis’ promise to keep the Artificer out of His plan. A living piece of Dendara is slain during the battle, deepening the grudge between Haern and His Siblings. The Fury vanishes to parts unknown, battered and broken.

499 MA: The confluence’s visions become lucid and clear. Sapience beholds several moments in varying points of the world’s past.

499 MA: Czcibor leads an experiment involving elemental equilibrium and subsequently ascends as the first Sagani, taking the new name of Czcienn in the process.

500 MA: The Earthen Father utilizes a channel through the ley to break into the Heroes’ Glade within the Underking’s realm. Though His mortal accomplices succeed in absconding with Ondromikios Ijandrimali’s soul, Dhar and Ivoln engage in battle. Though Earth makes an attempt to strike at Death within His own domain, Dhar deflects the blow and damages the Mirror of Souls in the process. He declares war upon Ivoln for His trespass.

500 MA: A war on three fronts is battled throughout Sapience. Supporters of Death and Earth clash in the Tarean Mountains, the Siroccians, and the Vashnars, seeking to return souls to the Underhall or destroy them entirely. After several weeks of battle, the forces of the living declare a decisive
victory. The Underking strikes the Earthen Lord with a grievous blow and empowers Enorian and Duiran’s forces with some of His essence, allowing them to ransack the Lich Gardens in His name.

500 MA: Strange creatures begin to escape the pylons of each city-state of Sapience. Attempts to capture them and bring them to Delve fail, necessitating a forward research camp be established in the Siroccians.