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       1)  Introduction                 14) Quests
       2)  Basic Commands               15) Policies
       3)  Communication                16) Aetolian Mythos
       4)  Your Character               17) Aetolian Lore
       5)  State of your Character      18) Events and Special Activities
       6)  Specifics of Aetolia         19) Miscellaneous
       7)  Items and Mobiles            20) Geography - Sapience
       8)  Classes and Guilds           21) Clans
       9)  Skills of Aetolia            22) Crafting
       10) City-States                  23) Credits, Artifacts, Special Items
       11) Deities of Aetolia
       12) Leylines, Foci, and Ylem
       13) Principles of Battle         30) Albedos

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