10 City-States

City-States - Table of Contents

   10.1  City Structure       Political structure of city-states.
   10.2  Ruling Councils      Ruling councils of city-states.
      10.2.1 Divine Advisory     Divine advisors of city-states.
   10.3  City Leaders         Leaders of city-states.
             Announcements       Messages from the leadership.
             Laws                Create formal city laws.
             OrgReq              Organizational requests.
   10.4  Ministries           General information on Ministries.
      10.4.1 Ambassador          Ministry of the Ambassador.
                Academy             Academy training grounds. 
                Treaty              City treaties.
      10.4.2 War                 Ministry of War.
                Militia             City volunteer fighting force.
                Divisions           Mighty soldiers of war.
      10.4.3 Security            Ministry of Security.
                Bounties            Only for the most deserving.
                Guards              City guards, sworn to protect citizens.
                Guard Layouts       Setting layouts for guards.
                Siege Weaponry      Defence platforms for the city.
      10.4.4 Treasurer           Ministry of the Treasury.
      10.4.5 Steward             Ministry of the Stewardship.
      10.4.6 Trade               Ministry of Trade/Quartermaster.
      10.4.7 Chancellor          Ministry of the Chancellery.
      10.4.8 Culture             Ministry of Cultural Affairs.
                Arena Hosting       Hosting and caring for the arena.
      10.4.9 Cardinal            City religious leader.
      10.4.10 Development        Minister of Development.
      10.4.11 Research           Minister of Research.
      10.4.12 Occupation         The Occupation-General.
   10.5  City Commands        Basic city-related commands.
   10.6  City Customisations  Customising equipment option.
   10.7  City Ranks           Ranks of prestige within a city.
   10.8  Town Crier           Hear ye! Hear ye!