10.7 City Ranks

Aside from the formal governmental positions (see HELP CITYSTRUCTURE), a citizen in a city-state can have one of six general ranks within a city. These ranks represent your general status within the city, and as you grow in rank, you will have the ability to call upon minor city-related powers.

When you join a city, you will start out at city rank 1. HELP CITYRANK will show a list of the city ranks in your city. In order to move up in rank, you must be cityfavoured by members who have gained that privilege. The favour of the city leader is more valuable than the other council members. However, if these same people find that your actions bring shame to the city, they may disfavour you, which can potentially reduce your city rank.

The abilities that each city rank confers are as follows:

  3) WRITELOG <msg>
     - Allows you to append your city's log.

  4) PREFIX/SUFFIX <person> <text>
     - Manipulate the titles of lower-ranked citizens.

  5) CITIZEN <person>
     - Induct another adventurer into your city or commune.

  6) CITYFAVOUR <person> <reason>
     - Bestow your cityfavour upon a citizen, possibly increasing their city 
     CITYDISFAVOUR <person> <reason>
     - Like cityfavour, but to express dissatisfaction with a citizen's actions 
       and may decrease their city rank.