2.9 Seeing who is online

We have many commands that let you see who else is in Aetolia.

WHO    :  Lists everybody that is on the same plane and visible to you.
          If you have ANSI on (HELP ANSI) then players who have reached
          level 200 will be dark red, newbie Guides (HELP GUIDES) will
          be yellow, Celani will be light blue, and Gods will be green.
          Administration members will show up in white.

          The WHO list may have some abbreviations before individuals' names. 

          (I) = Instance
          (H) = Haven
          (B) = Building
          (N) = Newbie Intro

          Ictinus - (B) Kennels
          Razmael - (I) Narrow Tunnel
          Veritas - Stone bridge over a spring
          Becue   - (H) A crafing gnome's dream
          Keroc   - (N) A dingy prison cell

BW/QW  :  An abbreviated version of the full WHO list.
          Also try QW <match> and see only names that begin with
          same letters. For example: QW GA will show Galleus,
          but not Lleis.

GWHO   :  See which members of your guild are online.
CWHO   :  See which members of your city are online.
CLWHO  :  See which members of your current clan are online.
NWHO   :  See which newbies are online.
OWHO   :  See which members of your Divine Order are online.
COWHO  :  See which members of your congregation are online.
WWHO   :  See which members of your current web are online.
WEBWHO :  See which members of your web are online.
RPWHO  :  See who is interested in RP - HELP ROLEPLAY for more information.
WHO HERE : Shows who is in the same location with you.