4.14 Roleplay

-- At A Glance ---------------------------------------------------------------
  - When you're portraying your character, through the use of emotes, says,
    and other actions, in a manner befitting the world of Aetolia, you are

  - Behaving IC (in character) is good, and promotes a healthy roleplaying
    environment! We all have more fun when we're all playing our part well.

  - There are many ways to improve your roleplaying, whether it be to show
    off, hone your writing skills, or just for sheer enjoyment.

  - You don't have to be Stephen King or Clive Barker to write well, and
    you shouldn't be intimidated by "better roleplayers"!

Roleplay is the playing of a character within the context of a world, such as Aetolia. In the associated help files HELP ROLE, HELP INTERACTION, and HELP GOODRP, questions are asked and around four answers are given. Some individuals may stress different aspects of roleplay, or even contradict each other. Use the information within as perspectives from which to form your own opinion. HELP ROLE deals with formulating and establishing your role. HELP INTERACTION deals with the many ways you can play out your role in the context of Aetolia. HELP GOODRP has plenty of advice for improving roleplay, applicable to roleplayers of all skill levels.

You can also find others who might be interested in impromptu roleplay by use of the ROLEPLAY command. The POSE command will help you customise how you appear upon the list.

ROLEPLAY ADD    - Add yourself as available for roleplay.
ROLEPLAY REMOVE - Removes you from the roleplay list.
ROLEPLAY REVEAL - Reveal your name upon the list.
ROLEPLAY WHO    - Find general locations with roleplayers.

You can also use RPWHO as a shorthand form for ROLEPLAY WHO. Once you log off, you will be removed from the list.

The game will store a limited history of roleplay-based communication you have received which you can review with RPLOG [start line].