4 Your Character

Your Character - Table of Contents

-  Character Specific Information
   4.1  Descriptions          Personalize your description.
   4.2  History               Compose a background for yourself.
   4.3  Honors                Public information about others.
   4.4  Language              Aetolia's languages.
   4.5  Names                 Acceptable names in Aetolia.
      4.5.1  Name Change         Name changing rules.
   4.6  Titles                Suffix's and Prefix's to your name.
   4.7  Unity                 One plus one equals one.
      4.7.1  Bloodlines          Track your genealogy.      
      4.7.1  Engagement          That first big step.
      4.7.2  Marriage            Tie the knot.
      4.7.3  Polygamy            More than two?
   4.8  Welcome Back          Help for those that have been gone.

-  Character Racial Information
   4.9  Races                 The mortal races of Aetolia.
      4.9.1  Racial Skills       Descriptions and commands for racial skills.
      4.9.2  Reincarnation       Changing your race or statpack choice.
      4.9.3  Statpacks           Customize your character's stats.
      4.9.4  Atavian             Avian cousins to the human.
      4.9.5  Dwarf               Stout, bearded folk.
      4.9.6  Grecht              Mystical ice-dwellers.
      4.9.7  Grook               Intelligent amphibious creatures.
      4.9.8  Horkval             Fearsome, chitinous bug monsters.
      4.9.9  Human               The common man.
      4.9.10 Imp                 Khepri's mischievous creations.
      4.9.11 Kelki               Proud oceanic race.
      4.9.12 Maggot              Kill it!
      4.9.13 Mhun                Astute, agile cave-dwellers.
      4.9.14 Rajamala            Sentient felines of the forest.
      4.9.15 Troll               Powerful, slow-minded humanoids.
      4.9.16 Tsol'aa             Reclusive, thoughtful forest men.
      4.9.17 Xoran               Large, desert-born serpent-men.
      4.9.18 Nazetu              Slime covered race of corruption.
      4.9.19 Arqeshi             Nazetu cleansed of corruption.
      4.9.20 Ogre                Large, lumbering race.
      4.9.21 Orc                 Cunning race of schemers.
      4.9.22 Kobold              Expert craftsmen and tinkers.
      4.9.23 Djeirani            Silver haired and dark skinned.
      4.9.24 Minotaur            Powerful humanoid bovines.
      4.9.25 Gnome               Dimunitive, intelligent humanoids.

-  Subraces
   4.10 Undead                Things that go bump in the night.
      4.10.1  BecomeUndead       Learn how to become one of the undead.
      4.10.2  UndeadStats        Differing statistics for living and undead.

   4.11 Duamvi                Symbiotic creatures of light.
      4.11.1  DuamviStats        The difference between being a host and not.

   4.12 Consanguine           Supernatural stalkers of the night.
      4.12.1 Nightstalkers       The Proto-Vampires.
      4.12.2 Bloodlines          Bonds of generational blood.

-  Transcending
   4.13  Heritage             Transcending your mortal shell.
      4.13.1  Tekal              Ancient word for 'Hollow One.' Havens            A place of your own.
         4.9.1    Racial Skills     Haven points for racial skills!
      4.13.2  Azudim             Ancient Kalsu meaning 'destruction.'
      4.13.3  Idreth             Ancient Kalsu meaning 'weaver or craftsman.'
      4.13.4  Yeleni             Ancient Kalsu meaning 'vital one.'
      4.13.5  Ankyrean           Ancient race created by the Gods.
      4.13.6  Titan              A being empowered by a colossal eld core.
      4.13.7  Nocturn            A being born from a shadowy blood curse.

-  Role Play
   4.14 RolePlay              Becoming part of the world.
      4.14.1 GoodRP              Questions about good roleplaying.
      4.14.2 Interaction         Many ways you can play your role.
      4.14.3 Role                Formulating and establishing your role.
      4.14.4 Esteem              Appreciate the RP of another player.
      4.15.5 AnonymousRP         Anonymous encounters.

-  Class Role Play
      4.15.1  ArchivistRP         Roleplaying an Archivist
      4.15.2  AscendrilRP         Roleplaying an Ascendril
      4.15.3  CarnifexRP          Roleplaying a Carnifex
      4.15.4  MonkRP              Roleplaying a Monk
      4.15.8  SciomancerRP        Roleplaying a Sciomancer
      4.15.9  RevenantRP          Roleplaying a Revenant