8.6.1 Archivists

Established by Sneak, the Numerologist amidst the chaos of the Crystalline Void on the 1st of Lanosian, year 464 MA, the Archivists stand tall as a eclectic cadre of fellows in cautious pursuit and collection of forbidden knowledge.

The Archivium is nestled within a fortified cliff face overlooking the Republic of Spinesreach, safeguarding old relics while extorting their power to further their research into the arts of Geometrics, Numerology, and Bioessence. 

This esoteric mastery over complex biology, algorithms, and mathematics are the trademark tools of an Archivist, gathering hands and minds under one Collective in their reach towards eventual ascendancy.

Science abides by no boundaries, morals, or comforts; nothing will be allowed to stand against the pursuit of knowledge and progress. It is the duty of the Archivists to chase after utter comprehension of the universe. Walking the precarious line between brilliance and lunacy, they battle ignorance and cynicism to emerge strong, enlightened, and free.