6.18.2 Enemies

Enemies are a natural occurence in Aetolia. Some may be environmental, such as people your organizations are hostile to.

Others you will need to independently identify. The significance of your enemies list lies in the way various abilities work, and in the way mobiles that are loyal to you treat those on your enemies list. We will leave it up to you to discern exactly how this works.

ENEMY <player>  : Adds a player to your enemy list. You may have a maximum
                  of 20 by default.

UNENEMY <player> : Removes a player from your enemy list.

UNENEMY ALL     : Completely clears your enemy list

CONFIG ENEMYLIST <on/off> : When Off, disables the passive effects of your
                            enemy list (minions, skills, etc), while preserving
                            the list itself. Useful during global events.

If 20 enemies is not enough, you can expand your enemy list with the enemy_expand artifact power.