18 Events and Special Activities

Events and Special Activities - Table of Contents

   18.1 Arena Events
      18.1.1   Bait the Frog     Beware the giant amphibian!
      18.1.2   Bloodbath         You don't really bathe in blood. That'd be gross.
      18.1.3   The Brawl         A bi-yearly competition with big rewards.
      18.1.4   Champions Core    Champions of the Core.
      18.1.5   Duels             One or two people can team up for a friendly fight.
      18.1.6   The Duel          Win the Rapier of the Master Duelist.
      18.1.7   Free-For-All      Every man for himself!  Team Free-For-All  There can only be one victorious team!
      18.1.8   Freeze Tag        A high-stakes game of wand-pointing.
      18.1.9   Arena Mods        Change the way the game is played.  Knockout          Kill opponent to advance.  Runes             Mystical runes appear.
      18.1.10  Survivor          A survival hunting competition!
      18.1.11  Territory         Take control of the arena!
      18.1.12  Hide & Seek       Embrace your childhood.
      18.1.13  Inquisition       Find the betrayers among you.

   18.2 Gambling Games
      18.2.1   Blackjack         We encourage repetitive hitting to victory.
      18.2.2   Chess             The noble game of King's Chess.  Chess Rules      The rules of King's Chess
      18.2.3   Liar's Dice       A popular game in Delve.
      18.2.4   Lottery Event     The true gamble of odds.  Iron Lottery     Iron lottery.  IRE Jackpot Lottery  IRE jackpot lottery.
      18.2.5   Farkle            Farkle fun for all. Farkle Tournament
      18.2.6   Poker             Aetolian poker. Poker Rules       Aetolian poker rules. Poker Hands       Aetolian poker hands. Poker Commands    Aetolian poker commands. Poker Example     An example game.
      18.2.7   Racetrack         Bet on those critters. Derbies           Bet on those BEST critters.
      18.2.8   Roulette          Make a fortune! Lose a fortune!
      18.2.9   Triptycha         Numbers, Triangles, oh my! Triptycha Tournament
      18.2.10  Lineconnect       Be sure to make it four!
      18.2.11  Abdication        An ancient race game between kingdoms.
      18.2.12  Bug Rush          Line 'am and squish 'em!
      18.2.13  Ankyrean Treasures   Treasure in a box.

   God-Initated Games
      18.3.1   Ale Run           A test of alcohol tolerance!
      18.3.2   Auctions          Infrequent auctions of rare artifacts. Auction House     Auction house, available year round.
      18.3.3   CTF               Capture-the-Flag! CTF Siege         Siege weapons to help get the flag.
      18.3.4   Fishing Derby     Whoa, that's a whopper!
      18.3.5   Great Hunt        A multi-tiered hunting extrrrravaganza! Ironman Mode   A challenging new game mode.
      18.3.6   Keg Race          The more you drink, the lighter the keg?
      18.3.7   Quizzes           A thumb wrestle of the brain. Prizes!
      18.3.8   Resonance         Crystal hunting.
      18.3.9   Starfalls         The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
      18.3.10  Treasure Hunt     Dig for treasure - stock up on shovels.
      18.3.11  Walker's tongue   How quick are your wits?
      18.3.12  Egghunt           Fill your nest!
      18.3.13  Crate Hide        Crates and Crowbars, oh my!

   18.4  Aetolian Promotions
      18.4.1   Experience Challenge  A weekly experience challenge
      18.4.2   Giftbags          The gift of giving.
      18.4.3   Racetrack Promo   Racetrack promotion.
      18.4.4   Stockings         Celemas stocking items.
      18.4.5   Wheel of Fates    Test your luck!
      18.4.6   Massdrop Promo    Item deals based on purchaser numbers
      18.4.7   Terrariums        Beautiful! Soothing. Deadly.
      18.4.8   Relic Crates      Crates of relic pieces!
      18.4.9   The Iron Bank     The Iron Bank, of course
      18.4.10  Elemental Coffers Coffers with elements in them
      18.4.11  Pots of Gold      Pots of Gold

   Creative Events
      18.5.1   Artisanals        Contest for artists.
      18.5.2   Bardics           Contest for the literary.
      18.5.3   Crafting Event    Crafting competition.
      18.5.4   Iron Epicurean    Competition of culinary creation.
      18.5.5   Storytelling      Storytelling contest.
      18.5.6   Ice Sculpting     An Iron Epicurean spin-off.

      18.6.1   Giovelli          Giovelli's Hideout.
      18.6.2   Orrery            Grab them globes, align the Orrery.