18.3.10 Treasure Hunts

A Treasure Hunt is a world-wide event initiated by the Gods. When a Treasure Hunt begins, everyone in the realms at that time will be notified, and will be told approximately how many treasure chests are now buried across the Prime Material Plane. Once this happens, you will have up to a specified amount of time in which to dig up these treasure chests, in order to claim their contents (either an item of some description, some gold or both). This time is a maximum, and the Treasure Hunt may end before then, either by the will of the Gods or simply by all the chests being found.

During a Treasure Hunt, digging (both with a shovel and the racial ability) will be twice as fast, due to the fervour of everyone wishing to discover the chests. If you happen to be lucky enough to dig up a treasure chest, you may open it to look inside - but before you take any items out (gold is fine), make sure you want it for yourself, as once an item is taken out of a treasure chest for the first time, any bindings it has (such as resetting to a particular place) will be linked permanently to you.

After you have successfully dug up a buried chest, you will receive the tendonitis affliction for a short time. Tendonitis prevents you from digging while afflicted.

Please note that an artifact shovel gives no advantage during this event.

Related commands:

TREASUREHUNT/THUNT STATUS - This shows you how many chests you have found, how
many are still buried and how long is left in the Treasure Hunt.