7.2.2 Worn Location

Below are the worn locations along with how many items they can hold on that location. You can PROBE an item to see what areas it has available for wearing.

Location       Attire Line                           Items Held
head           worn on head                             2      
fullbody       covering the body                        2      
torso          covering the torso                       3      
overtorso      over the torso                           1      
waist          around the waist                         1      
arm            displayed on one arm                     2      
privates       shamelessly on display                   1      
wrist          around one wrist                         2      
wrists         around both wrists                       1      
eye            covering one eye                         2      
eyes           covering the eyes                        1      
face           obscuring the face                       1      
hands          worn on the hands                        2      
feet           worn on the feet                         2      
ankle          encircling an ankle                      2      
shoulder       slung over a shoulder                    2      
shoulders      hanging from the shoulders               1      
back           worn on the back                         3      
forehead       marking the forehead                     2      
ears           worn on the ears                        10      
lips           defining the lips                        1      
finger         worn on a finger                        10      
toe            worn on a toe                           10      
onbelt         worn on the belt                         2 (requires a belt)
neck           around the neck                          3      
onshirt        worn on the shirt                       10 (requires a shirt)    
nose           through the nose                         2      
legs           worn on the legs                         2      
tusks          worn on the tusks                        2      
necktattoo     at the back of the neck                  1      
forearm        worn upon the forearm                    2      
perched        perched on one shoulder                  2      
handtattoo     on the back of one hand                  1 
oncloak        placed upon a cloak                      1 (requires a cloak)
onhat          pinned to a hat                          1 (requires a hat)
chest          worn across the chest                    2      
onuniform      displayed proudly on the uniform         3 (requires uniform)