2 Basic Commands

Basic Commands - Table of Contents

   2.1  Movement              How to move around in Aetolia.
      2.1.1  Following           How to follow others about automatically.
   2.2  Obstacles             Obstacles that may impede your movement.
   2.3  Inventory             Looking at things you are holding.
      2.3.1  Inventory Categories  Easily sort your inventory.
   2.4  Objects               Dealing with objects generally.
   2.5  Looking               Looking at your surroundings.
   2.6  Quit                  Logging out from the game.
   2.7  Base Commands         A list of some basic commands.
   2.8  Aliases               About Aetolia's internal alias system.
   2.9  WhoList               Information on how to see who is on-line.
   2.10 Landmarks             Navigational aids to travelers.
   2.11 Logs                  Review activity in your organization.
   2.12 Queues                Queue commands for balance recovery.