2.5 Looking and gaining information about your surroundings

In order to see a description of the room you are in along with what is in the room, whether player, mobile, or item, simply type LOOK or just L. QUICKLOOK or QL will show everything present in a room, without the room description.

If you want to see what is in an adjacent room, type GLANCE <direction that the room is in>.

If you see an item or mobile in a room that you wish to look at, you may EXAMINE and PROBE it. (see also HELP OBJECTS).

If you only want to see players, mobiles and/or items when traveling from room to room, type BRIEF.

If you want to see everything in the room, including its description, type VERBOSE.

You can also LOOK AT <item> IN <container> to see the extended description of something without pulling it out, or LOOK AT <fluid> IN <container> to see how a fluid looks on further inspection