7.13 Mobiles

Mobiles, also referred to as NPCs (non-player characters) or denizens (for purposes of roleplay), can range from a simple worm to a towering dragon, or from a ordinary human to a talking sword. The range of responses you could get from one range from ignoring you, to having something to say back, or even attacking you.

Generally, the way you will get a mobile to talk to you is to GREET it. You can even leave a message for a mobile as long as you are in the same room as it using the following syntax:

MOBMSG <denizen> <message>

Greeting a mobile is the easiest way to receive information about an area, or even receive a quest from them!

** Note: Communicating with mobiles, both SAYS and TELLS, can be seen by volunteers! Using this to spam our Celani will not be looked on favourably.

Guards will always give you information about the town or city you are in. You can find them by checking INFO HERE (or IH for short). They will be colored green, so they should be pretty easy to find.

Before you attack a mobile, it is important to consider just how strong it is and who it is loyal to. You can CONSIDER a mobile to find out just how strong it is compared to you (HELP CONSIDER), and you can PROBE a mobile to see if it is loyal to anything. Keep away from mobiles that are loyal to an organization or a denizen, it could cause other mobiles to attack you, or even worse, a player to become upset with you.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, you can always attempt to run away. Unless the mobile is particularly weak or cowardly, it will try to chase after you. This extends generally to an adjacent location, although some will chase further, so moving at least two rooms away is a good rule of thumb. Eventually that mobile will rest to heal its wounds, at which point it should no longer attack you. It is generally safe to return at this point, although do so at your own risk.