The Minister of Security and his or her aides have the power to protect the city from enemies by declaring people official enemies of the city and by purchasing and deploying a variety of guards. City guards can guard specific locations within the city or go on patrol, walking around the city looking for problems.

If you're being attacked within your city and need help, you'll want to CALL FOR HELP. Doing so will attract the interest of up to fifteen city guards within a five room radius, who will come running to help. But be warned that calling for help takes equilibrium, and that the guards will -only- attack city enemies or members of organizations with which the city is at war. Guards will also act to protect other NPC citizens of your city, coming at their call when these poor civilians are attacked.

Guards also have a complacency system that dictates how lax they are about raiders. The more guards that get killed during a raid, the less complacent they become, and the harder they will fight off enemies.

The buffs include, depending on complacency:
 * Up to 50% extra damage.
 * Up to 80% damage resistance.
 * Will respond to cries for help up to an extra 3 rooms away.

They will become complacent again over time, providing no one attacks them. If you are an aide or minister of the appropriate ministry, you can see how complacent your guards are by using CITY CONSCRIPT TYPES or WARSTATUS <your city>.

Ordering guards
If you are an aide to the Ministry of Security, knowing how to order your guards is vital. While you cannot order them to attack another, they will naturally engage any city enemies in the same location as them.

ORDER <guard> MOVE <direction>
 - Order a guard to move in a direction.

ORDER <guard> DROP <item>
 - Have them drop an item if they holding one.

 - Order a guard to become passive if accidentally attacked.

These commands below are likely the most important so take note, as they will affect how your guards will protect the city without your supervision:

 - This will make the guard respond to calls for help nearby and will
   chase invaders when spotted.
 - Once they kill or cannot find their target, they will return to the
   location they were ordered to guard.

 - The guard will NOT respond to calls for help, however they will
   chase after an invader when spotted.
 - They will return to location they were ordered to stand sentinel
   over after chasing.

 - The guard will not move from its location, neither to chase or nor
   respond to calls for help, but will attack intruders if it can.

 - The guard will wander the streets of the city. It will respond to
   calls for help and will chase intruders, then resume wandering

You can use ORDER GUARDS <command> to have all the guards in a room attempt to perform that command.

You may wish to read HELP LOYALTY for more information.

Guard types
Not every guard is equal. Below you can find information each guard type and its strengths:

Attack / Move Speed: 3s / 4.5s
Types: Defender, Centaur, Teradrim, Templar
Attack variations:
 - 40% chance to damage x2 (blunt)
 - 40% chance to damage x2 (cutting)
 - 20% chance to stun

Attack / Move Speed: 3s / 4.5s
Types: Cabalist, Undine, Vampire, Luminary
Unique: Occasionally will stop foes from becoming incorporeal
Attack variations:
 - 80% chance to damage x2 (magic)
 - 20% chance to give weariness, drain mana, and strip a defence

Attack / Move Speed: 4s / 6s
Types: Guard, Warden, Carnifex, Daru
Attack variations:
 - 50% chance to damage (blunt), upset bal/eq, and trip
 - 50% chance to damage (blunt), give dizziness and shyness

Attack / Move Speed: 4s / 7.5s
Types: Mage, Satyr, Indorani, Ascendril
Attack variations:
 - 40% chance to entangle with ropes
 - 40% chance to room damage enemies (lightning)
 - 20% chance to damage (psychic), give impatience

Attack / Move Speed: 5s / 9s
Types: Soldier, Monk, Acolyte, Kingbound
Attack variations:
 - 100% chance to damage (cutting), give paralysis