8.21 Luminaries

Founded in Slyphian, year 97 of the Midnight Age as the ancient order of Priests consumed itself amidst Corruption and frivolity, the Luminaries were a guild that combined the old teachings of Spirituality and Devotion with a rediscovered art of the old Illuminai - that of Illumination.

The Luminaries soon led at the forefront of the war against the Darkness, wielding mace, shield, angel, and sacred magics against the many enemies of the Light. Not solely defined by the worship of the Light itself, their focus included the many Gods of Spirit. Like the priests of old, though filled with fire anew, they served as warriors, ministers, and healers of the southeast.

Upon Khepary 13th, year 452 of the Midnight Age, the Luminaries were dissolved under order of the prophet Kayalenki, in order that their members and members of the Daru would form a new Illuminai order in the southeast. The Luminary legacy is that of deep, profound faith, and a constant attention to the Light and Fire which light the city of Enorian, and the lands of the southeast. Though the guild is ended, the teachings live on within the Illuminai.