11.2.4 Chakrasul, Goddess of Corruption

Through the epochs, the Goddess of Corruption has stalked the lands, preying on those who are easily swayed by dreams of power, or greatness. She has engendered some of the greatest tragedies of the ages, tainted the greatest of sages, warriors and defenders of the light. Not even the Grand Artifice could erase the fear stirred by Her deeds.

Within every mortal exists a penchant of selfish focus, a fertile soil in which the seeds of Corruption may take root. Also known as the "Dark Lady", Chakrasul teaches of Corruption through Fear, Despair, Malice, Avarice and Might. Those seeking to walk Her path will find Her gifts through relinquishing their inhibitions and surrendering to their vices.

Her throne can be found on Her Isle of Despair, Tiyen Indoron and that is where Her Chosen pay their respects. Her holy symbol is that of the funereal duskywing butterfly and Her emblems are often colored jade and onyx.