4.5 Names

In the realm of Aetolia, we encourage you to put some thought into your name, and avoid the embarrassment that comes later when your peers have a good giggle at your expense. We realize sometimes it's hard to think of a good name, so we have written the following as a simple guide!     

Good Names
 - Good names are those that you've created on your own. Unique names that you've never seen before anywhere else.

Acceptable Names
 - Acceptable names are those that you may have heard in real life. Names such as Susan, Henry and so on.

Unacceptable Names
 - Those names that we ask you to avoid are ones you may find in any historical context, or ones you will find in a book or anime. Other unacceptable names are those that are made of compound words, such as 'Evilbloodsucker'.

 - In addition, names that are cursewords, racial slurs or otherwise offensive names. Names that are completely unpronounceable such as 'Xqtzrl' will also result in you being requested to change your name.
Whilst we realize that sometimes poor names will get through, this is not an acceptable reason for refusing to change your name. If you are asked to by a guide, Celani or Divine, it is expected that you will do so.                                                                     

Choosing an imaginative and acceptable name will greatly increase your experiences within the realm, and you will find your peers will have much more time for you.                                                 

If, after reading this, you wish to change your name, HELP NAMECHANGE will explain the way in which to do it.