4.5.1 Name Change

You may have been referred to this file by another player or a Divine. For reference on what are considered acceptable names, see HELP NAMES.

In general, changing one's name is frowned upon. The thought that you put into your name should be great enough that changing it is not necessary. However, sometimes a player is simply unhappy with their current choice. To change your name you must have played less than 30 hours (we don't allow well known characters to change their names). And when doing so you may only perform this action ONCE. So choose wisely and appropriately. Do not choose a name you are embarrassed of or wouldn't want recorded in the scrolls of History.

   - Played less than 30 hours.
   - Not have purchased credits.
   - Not be the recipient of retirement credits.
   - Not have done a name change prior. Feature is usable only once per character.

It must be noted however, that should your chosen name be deemed inappropriate, you may be asked to change it by the Powers that Be.

Syntax: NAMECHANGE <newname>