1.9 Calendar and Time

Years in Aetolia are numbered from the first day since the end of the Creator's Monomachy.

An Aetolian day is approximately 4 real-life hours. The following table represents how long certain time periods are in real life hours:

Aetolian Time                       Real hours
1 day                                  4 hours
1 week                                24 hours
1 month                              100 hours
1 season                             300 hours
1 year                              1200 hours

You can see the current Aetolian date using the DATE command. The calendar for the current Aetolian month can be viewed using the CALENDAR command. You can also add notes to it with the syntaxes outlined in HELP CALENDAR NOTES.

You can also convert between Aetolian dates and OOC dates by the        
following methods:                                                      

To convert from Aetolian to OOC dates: DATE <day> <month> <year> <era>
Example: DATE 4 VARIACH 304 MA vs DATE 4 CELES 1 AC

To convert from OOC to Aetolian dates: DATE <month>/<day>/<year> <hour>
Example: DATE 12/21/2012 12

To look at a specific month in a specific Aetolian year: CALENDAR <month name> <year>

Note: You can also configure your time to your time zone. CONFIG TIMEZONE for more information. This only works for time and not for date.

The Aetolian year is divided into 50 weeks of 6 days each. The names of the weekdays are as follows:

1) Closday
2) Tisday
3) Falsday
4) Quensday
5) Kinsday
6) Gosday

The year also divides into 12 months, with each month having 25 days in it. As there are 300 days in a year, this means that the cycle of weeks and the cycle of months match every 6 months, with both Sapiarch and Celes 1st falling upon Closdays. 

On the 25th of Chakros in year 0 of the new era AC, several months have been renamed by authority of the Grand Library. See Public post 7087 for more information.

The names of the months, past and present, are as follows:

#   Month AC     Season              Month MA       
1)  Sapiarch     (mid-winter)        Variarch  
2)  Severin      (late winter)       Severin
3)  Ios          (early spring)      Ios
4)  Dharos       (mid-spring)        Arios
5)  Chakros      (late spring)       Chakros
6)  Omeian       (early summer)      Khepary
7)  Celes        (mid-summer)        Midsummer
8)  Lleian       (late summer)       Lleian
9)  Ivolnos      (early autumn)      Lanosian
10) Lexadian     (mid-autumn)        Niuran
11) Slyphian     (late autumn)       Slyphian
12) Haernos      (early winter)      Haernos

The four seasons are as follows:

Season           Dates AC                    Dates MA
Winter           10 Haernos - 9 Ios          10 Haernos - 9 Ios
Spring           10 Ios - 9 Omeian           10 Ios - 9 Khepary
Summer           10 Omeian - 9 Ivolnos       10 Khepary - 9 Lanosian
Autumn           10 Ivolnos - 9 Haernos      10 Lanosian - 9 Haernos