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6 Specifics of Aetolia

Specifics of Aetolia - Table of Contents

   6.1  Astronomy             Gaze at the stars above Sapience.
   6.2  Elections             All about elections and referendums.
   6.3  Groups                Groups and entourages with other players.
   6.4  Guides                Characters who exist to help newbies.
   6.5  Invisibility          About invisibility and how to deal with it.
   6.6  Old Landmarks         Potent and mysterious places of power.
   6.7  Map Commands          A briefing on the functionality of the map system.
      6.7.1  Speedwalking        Learn how to automatically navigate the land.
   6.8  Mentors               Mentoring younger players.
      6.8.1  ForMentors          A short guide for mentors.
      6.8.2  MentorBenefits      A list of bonuses for mentors and proteges.
   6.9  Weather               Brrrrrrrr! It's cold outside.

-  Economy

   6.10  Banking              Depositing and withdrawing from banks.
      6.10.1  Bank Vaults        Preserve your special items.
   6.11  Commodity Shops      Special village shops which sell components
   6.12  Shops                The commands to deal with shops.
      6.12.1  Directories        Shop directories located in main cities.   
      6.12.2  Shopkeeping        Owning a shop and the commands to use it.
      6.12.3  Shop Shelving      Shelving to organize.
      6.12.4  Shop Policies      Keep those pesky enemies away.
   6.13  Selling Items        Individual sales.
   6.14  Trading              Individual trades.

-  Elevations

      6.15.1  Trees              Climb into the treetops.
      6.15.2  Flying             Soar above the land.
      6.15.3  Digging            Unearth all kinds of treasure!

-  Friends and Enemies

      6.16.1  Allies             How to declare someone your official ally.
      6.16.2  Enemies            How to brand someone your official enemy.
      6.16.3  Peers              Those who are neither allies nor enemies.