6.7.1 Speedwalking

Speedwalking is a powerful method in Aetolia to get from one place to another in a quick and efficient manner. There are a variety of commands you can use to find common locations within the game.

The most simple thing to do is to find out the vNum of a particular room. Type PATH FIND <vNum>, which will calculate a path for you, and then PATH GO to begin speedwalking to your chosen location. vNums are visible when you type MAP. If you encounter an obstacle along the way, you will cease speedwalking until you figure out a way to bypass it. You can also PATH STOP midway to your destination.

There is very little difference between speedwalking and walking somewhere manually, other than the convenience of having it done automatically for you. However, not all locations can be reached in this manner, especially if there is some kind of special command needed (think of speaking a password or entering a hidden tunnel).

In order to make use of the speedwalking system, you have the following commands:

PATH FIND <target>
- Create and display the path needed to go from your current room to the room indicated.

Possible targets are:
 * <room number>   - Creates a path to the room specified.
 * <landmark>      - Creates a path to a landmark. (HELP LANDMARKS)
 * <player>        - Creates a path to a mutual ally.
 * <area>          - Creates a path to an area. (such as ESTERPORT)
 * CITY            - Creates a path to your city.
 * GUILD           - Creates a path to your guild.
 * TUTOR           - Creates a path to your city tutor.
 * SHRINE          - Nearest shrine for your congregation.
 * POST            - Nearest post office within a city.
 * BANK            - Nearest bank within a city.
 * VERMIN          - Nearest vermin collector within a city.
 * STABLE          - Nearest stable within a city.
 * PYLON           - Nearest pylon within a city, then your own city.
 * SHOPS           - Nearest shop directory within your area.
 * BASE            - Creates a path to your CTF base. (HELP CTF)
 * MINES           - Creates a path to your cities ylem mine.
 * Plus other potential targets dependent on skills or unlocks!

Targets while on a wilderness map:
 * ROAD            - Takes you to the nearest point you can leave wilderness.
 * FARM            - Takes you to your farm.
 * FARM <name>     - Takes you to the farm named that.
 * FARM <person>   - Takes you to the farm owned by that person.
 * <x> <y>         - Takes you to those coordinates.

- Same as above, but will not detour around enemy territory.

PATH TRACK <target>
- Same as above, but will immediately start you speedwalking.

PATH SEARCH <room title>
- Search for a vNum from a room you have previously explored.

PATH SET <comma delimited path>
- Feeds the walker a *preset path* to follow.
  E.G.: PATH SET n,n,e,ne,worm warp
Valid entries include:
  - Cardinal directions
  - DUANATHAR / DUANATHARAN (if you have wings)
  - VOLTDA / VOLTDARAN (if you have an amulet)

- Start walking toward the room indicated. You can choose to use the DASH/SPRINT/GALLOP abilities to get there faster if you have the knowledge.

- Stop speedwalking midway.

- Reset your speedwalking status. If something goes wrong, use this.