2.1.1 Following other people

You cannot follow anything but a player in Aetolia because of the fundamental nature of player movement. We do not actually like the idea of automatically following something else, as we feel it is a little bit silly. Mobiles move relatively slowly, and thus it's reasonable for you to simply move when and where they move. Players, on the other hand, can move far too fast for you to follow them, which is why one can automatically follow players, but not mobiles.

In order to follow another player, type FOLLOW <player>. In order to stop following someone, do LOSE <whoever>. This can also be used to lose those who are following you.

By typing ENTOURAGE or ENT, you will see who is following you, be they mobile or player. By typing GROUP, you will see who you are following along with who is following you.

As someone moves around, those in his entourage will follow him, providing they are able to.