19.2 Bugs, Ideas, and Typos

There will be times when you'll want to speak to the administration in order to:

 - report a bug (an error in the game),        (command: BUG)
 - report a typo in the game,                  (command: TYPO)
 - report an outdated or erroneous help files  (command: HELPEDIT)
 - or to give them an idea for the game.       (command: IDEA)


Please try to give as much relevant information as possible such as when and how the particular bug happened. Such useful information includes what you did to cause it, any recently announced changes that might have influenced it, location and/or item ID numbers, or anything else you feel necessary. If possible, please try to replicate what happened to cause a bug before bugging it. 

Please, only ONE bug report is necessary for each problem.

If nothing else, PLEASE try to include a message given by the game that is relevant to the bug you are submitting. Tracking down bugs becomes much easier if the coders have some game output to work backwards from.

Problems involving artifacts and/or credits should be submitted into the issue system so we can help you out ASAP. Read HELP ISSUE for more information on that.

Bug related syntaxes:

BUG <your report here>              To report a bug.
BUGS                                A list of your reported bugs.
SHOWBUG <number>                    To see a bug that you bugged.
CBUG <number> <comment>             To comment on your bug.
DELBUG <number>                     To delete a bug you submitted.
BUG <number> PRIORITY               Marks a bug as a personal priority.

Bug Abuse

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! If you have found a way to generate huge amounts of gold or experience by entering a single command over and over, or if you are able to instantly kill people twice your level with one punch, then you have probably encountered a bug. Please err on the side of caution and report possible bugs, and refrain from exploiting the ones that have not yet been fixed. Punishment can occur if severe abuse is found, such as being permanently banned from the game.


Typos are where there is a misspelling or misused word. We really do want to hear about this sort of thing, so don't be shy! The following should be taken in account when using this command:

 - If it is a mobile or item, include the item ID number.

 - If the typo is in a skill when used, then tell us the skill name.

 - If the typo is in a skill file, let us know the relevant AB file.

 - Include the full line in question, along with the typo. Point out the typo if it isn't immediately obvious. This is the easiest way for us to track down the problem.

If there is a typo within a help file, or it is simply out of date, you can make a submission in order to get it fixed. You will need to read HELP HELPEDIT for more information.

Typo related commands:

TYPO <your report here>              To report a typo.

For further commands, refer to the section on bugs. A typo is submitted into the bug database but flagged as a typo in our internal system.


Sometimes you might have a great idea you might like to see within the game. I that case, you can submit your idea, in as great a detail as you wish, and then wait. Who knows? You may see your idea affect the game. Many have!

Because of the presence of the classlead system, ideas should not specifically be about new skills or changes to existing skills, unless the idea has nothing at all to do with the actual functionality of the skill, such as in reference to one of its messages. Please read HELP CLASSLEAD for more information on this system.

Idea related syntaxes:

IDEA <idea>               Submit a new idea for review
IDEAS                     View a list of ideas that you have submitted
LISTIDEAS [section]       View a summary of ideas, or the ideas in a section
SHOWIDEA <idea>           View a submitted idea
DELIDEA <idea>            Delete one of your own ideas
CIDEA <idea>              Comment upon an idea
IDEASUPPORT <idea>        Express your support for an idea
IDEAOPPOSE <idea>         Express your opposition to an idea
IDEANEUTRAL <idea>        Express neutrality toward an idea