1.2 Aetolia

The world of Aetolia was made, or so the first seers tell us, fully formed and populated shortly after the creation of the universe by Varian, the Celestine. Though the eldest mortal memories begin at the moment of Creation - the moment now marked as the beginning of the Midnight Age - some theorize that there was a "before time," a time when the world could remember its distant past, and that the Creator, for reasons known only to Him, unmade the universe and remade it in a form more pleasing to Him. This theory, among those of the fringe who believe it, is known as that of the "Forgotten Age." Still others, though generally derided and outcast for their lunacy, claim that there are two or even more universes, existing simultaneously and in parallel, and that our universe was somehow derived from the other. Whatever the Truth, it is known only to the ineffable awareness of the Divine Creator, Varian, the Celestine - incomprehensible to fragile mortal minds.                       

So in one sense, Aetolia is a new, fresh world - ripe for adventurers to make their marks and establish a foothold of power and prestige. In another sense, Aetolia is a mature, established world with many highly-detailed areas, balanced player classes, and leadership structures.

But above all, the world of Aetolia is changing, and will continue to do so. The Divine Pantheon of Aetolia is a restless one, and change is in the wind. Join us as we change the world.