8.29 Classes

A class is a set of skills. These skills are also referred to as guild-skills, because you must join a guild in order to gain most classes, although as you will read later on, you may, after a time, have a class without being in the associated guild. Examples of classes are Monk, Shaman, and Infiltrator. You may see what class you have, if any, by typing SCORE.

Once you join a guild, you'll automatically gain the class of that guild, but you will notice in SCORE that you are only an apprentice in that class. Your apprenticeship will end when you first gain guild rank 2. Once you have finished your apprenticeship, your class is permanent. Even if you are demoted back below guild rank 2, you will stay a full member of the class.

In order to gain another class, you can either leave your guild and join another (this may make you lose your current skills), or make use of the multiclass system.

In the case of leaving your guild, read over HELP CHANGING GUILD. For multiclassing, more information is provided within HELP MULTICLASSING.

Class                Primary              Secondary            Tertiary
Classes originating in...        Bloodloch (Shadow Tether, city of Undeath)
Bloodborn            Humourism            Esoterica            Hematurgy
Carnifex             Savagery             Deathlore            Warhounds
Earthcaller          Subjugation          Apocalyptia          Tectonics
Indorani             Necromancy           Tarot                Domination
Praenomen            Corpus               Mentis               Sanguis
Ravager              Brutality            Ravaging             Egotism
Teradrim             Terramancy           Animation            Desiccation
Classes originating in...        Duiran (Spirit Tether, the Heartwood)
Monk                 Tekura               Kaido                Telepathy
Oneiromancer         Oneiromancy          Hyalincuru           Contracts
Runecarver           Malediction          Runecarving          Sporulation
Sentinel             Dhuriv               Woodlore             Tracking
Shaman               Primality            Shamanism            Naturalism
Warden               Warding              Ancestry             Communion
Voidseer             Cultivation          Enlightenment        Voidgazing
Classes originating in...        Enorian (Spirit Tether, Hammer of Dawn)
Akkari               Ascendance           Dictum               Discipline
Ascendril            Elemancy             Arcanism             Thaumaturgy
Luminary             Spirituality         Devotion             Illumination
Templar              Battlefury           Righteousness        Bladefire
Tidesage             Wavebreaking         Synthesis            Inundation
Zealot               Zeal                 Purification         Psionics
Classes originating in...        Spinesreach (Shadow Tether, city of Artifice)
Alchemist            Alchemy              Experimentation      Botany
Archivist            Geometrics           Numerology           Bioessence
Infiltrator          Assassination        Subterfuge           Hypnosis
Revenant             Riving               Manifestation        Chirography
Sciomancer           Sciomancy            Sorcery              Gravitation
Executor             Shadowdancing        Artifice             Subversion
Classes originating in...        the larger world (Untethered, no guild)
Bard                 Weaving              Performance          Songcalling
Predator             Knifeplay            Predation            Beastmastery
Shapeshifter         Ferality             Shapeshifting        Vocalizing
Wayfarer             Tenacity             Wayfaring            Fury

Usage of classes may depend on your tether, though some classes will allow use regardless of it. CLASS GUIDE details these options. Further, classes are mirrored across the Shadow/Spirit divide to ensure equal ability opportunity across the game; while they share the same mechanics, each class will have a creative and unique flavor associated with it.

| Shadow       | Spirit       |
| Alchemist    | Shaman       |
| Archivist    | Voidseer     |
| Bloodborn    | Ascendril    |
| Carnifex     | Warden       |
| Earthcaller  | Luminary     |
| Executor     | Sentinel     |
| Indorani     | Oneiromancer |
| Praenomen    | Akkari       |
| Ravager      | Zealot       |
| Revenant     | Templar      |
| Sciomancer   | Runecarver   |
| Teradrim     | Tidesage     |