8.6.3 Indorani

Once a great group of occultists whose history dated back epochs, the Indorani sought to bring about an end to all things save a sheer and utter dominion - a revival of the Dark Empire of old. Alas, the formidable guild succeeded in bringing about its own ruin, having succumbed to pride through betraying Sapience and the will of Severn, the Manipulator.

Though disbanded and scattered, the power of the Indorani lives on in spite of the shattered hopes of imperial revival. Associated with the City of Bloodloch, these dark sorcerers continue to meddle with dangerous forces in their efforts to sow despair and misery throughout the land.

Through the skill of Necromancy, Indorani manipulate life essence to despoil and ravage their enemies. Tarot allows them to invoke the Major Arcana for a diverse array of magic to heal or to harm. Their tertiary skill is perhaps the most feared and dangerous - Domination. This skill involves navigating the treacherous landscape of primal Chaos and negotiating with the Lords who hold sway there. In exchange, the Indorani gains the power to command an army of horrific chaos entities.

Adventurers seeking to learn the arts of the Indorani should seek out Empress Xa'azamit in the Chaos Plane. For a fee of 40 credits, the Empress of Corrupt Chaos will share her knowledge. Simply LEARN INDORANI FROM XA'AZAMIT at v24112.

While adventurers may practice these skills within their guilds, new Indorani who begin through the introduction cannot join a guild until they have met the relevant multiclassing prerequisites. Namely, they will require Virtuoso level of skill in Necromancy, Tarot, or Domination, or Transcendent level in two of the three.