1 Introduction

Introduction - Table of Contents

   1.1  Concept               Concept behind Aetolia.
   1.2  Aetolia               What makes Aetolia special in this genre.
   1.3  Environment           The structure of Aetolia for the unfamiliar.
   1.4  MUD Intro             An introduction to MUDs in general.
   1.5  New Players           Guide for New Players.
      1.5.1 Introductory Tour    Information for new players.
      1.5.2 Newbie Attacks       Attacking for the newest of players!
      1.5.3 What Now             How do you get along in this crazy world?
      1.5.4 Portals              Convenience and Fun.
      1.5.5 Registering          To safeguard you and your characters. 
      1.5.6 Tasks                Orientation tasks.
   1.6  Conduct               Appropriate conduct for Aetolians.
   1.7  Syntax                The syntax that Aetolia's help files are in.
      1.7.1 Screenreaders        Syntax for Screenreaders.
   1.8  Config Options        Change aspects of your Aetolian experience.
      1.8.1  Ansi                Explore Aetolia in glorious technicolor!
   1.9  Calendar and Time     About Aetolia's calendar.
      1.9.1  Howling             The Howling.
      1.9.2  Calendar Notes      Notes for Aetolia's calendar.
   1.10 Dictionary            A dictionary of Aetolia-related terms.
   1.11 Service               How to obtain customer service.