5.8 Fellowship of Explorers

As you make your travels through Aetolia, you will slowly rise in rank in the Fellowship of Explorers. However, over time, as new lands are discovered or old lands are lost, your rank in the Fellowship will change. This is because your rank in the Fellowship depends on how much of the known world you have explored. Thus if you do not keep the boots dusty, your prowess as an explorer will diminish.

The following titles denote your exploration percent:
 (0%)  Sightseer
 (2%)  Vagabond
 (5%)  Itinerant
 (10%) Rambler
 (15%) Nomad
 (20%) Wayfarer
 (25%) Voyager
 (30%) Landstrider
 (35%) Forestwalker
 (40%) Searcher of Horizons
 (45%) Vashnarian Climber
 (50%) Penetrator of the Depths
 (55%) Desert Roamer
 (60%) Hunter of the Lost World
 (65%) Continental Wanderer
 (70%) Terran Master
 (75%) Sapient Explorer
 (80%) Questor of the Far Reaches
 (85%) Hadionic Seeker
 (90%) Aetolian Ranger
 (95%) Worldwalker

While the entire world can be explored, only certain rooms count towards the Fellowship of Explorers.

The following rooms will not count:
 * Buildings, castles, guildhalls, and havens.
 * Dens and tents.
 * Special maze rooms.
 * The CTF arena.
 * Slaver's Isle and Academy areas.
 * Wilderness maps.
 * Unreleased areas.
 * All rooms on the Plane of Creation.

You can type EXPLORERS to receive a list of the greatest explorers in the land.