6.17.2 Flying

If you have the ability to fly, whether by virtue of a mount of some sort or magic then you will be able to FLY from any outdoor location. The exits in the skies will be the same as the exits on the ground. From the skies, you can GLANCE DOWN to see what's on the ground below you. After soaring around, simply LAND to return to the ground.

If you are above a forest or a location with trees, you can land in them by typing LAND TREES.

Naturally, those who are following you when you fly will not be able to follow you into the skies. Furthermore, if you drop an item that cannot fly while in the skies, it will soon fall to the ground, and break if it is breakable.

If you find yourself unwillingly dragged into the sky, and you do not have the ability to fly, you will have but a fleeting amount of time with which to make yourself levitate (through a levitation elixir, for instance) or you will be gravely damaged upon hitting the ground.