13.15.3 Instances

Instances are, essentially, special areas in the game that generate a copy of that area private to you and anybody that decides to join you. They last only for a limited time - dependent on what instance - and will kick you out and reset when that timer expires.

Entering most instances is as simple as going to the entrance room and entering the command you get prompted with. However, many instances will also allow other people to join you in them. This is done by having a designated leader enter the instance first, and everybody else can append their name to the instance entry command to join them. e.g. if the command to enter is "TOUCH SEAL", everybody else needs to do "TOUCH SEAL <leader's name>" to get into the same instance.

Some instances will also have further restrictions, such as restricting the number of people in your group or denying you access to it without having the prerequisite quest. Some will also record the time it takes to beat the instance, known as a speedrun.

There are also several commands you can use for managing your instances:

WREST <target>
When standing at the instance's entrance, you can use this to violently wrest someone out of the instance to you, usually for purposes of murder. This gives the target a 5-minute cooldown that will prevent them from entering any instance again.

Shows you all the instance cooldowns you currently have.

You can only have one instance open at a time; this will close it and let you enter a new (different) instance. The closed instance remains on cooldown; you can not enter it again until it expires.

Sometimes you muck up and enter your own instance instead of a friend's. It happens, but don't worry! This command will completely wipe the instance so you can join the right one. Some caveats:
  - It can only be reset within the first 90 seconds; this is the 'Grace Duration' on the INSTANCES output.
  - The grace duration instantly expires if you kill any NPC while inside the instance.
  - If you move further inside the instance (i.e. away from the starting room), the grace duration instantly expires.
  - You will have a short 2-minute cooldown before you can enter any instance at all after using this command.

View a list of instances that support speedrun timekeeping.

SPEEDRUNS <instance>
View the leaderboard of speedruns for that instance.

View the specified speedrun entry in more detail.

A partial list of current instances and their locations can be found below:

Instance                     Location   Notes
The Shade of Xaanhal         v36688
Beneath                      v50798     3 players max. HELP BENEATH.
Flintbeard's Lair            v18093     3 players max. Only available at certain
Ylem Mines                   varies     Refer to HELP YLEM MINES.
Oblivion's Portent           v71389     3 players max. HELP PORTENT.
The Royal Vaults of Glandor  v71389     1 player max. HELP GLANDOR.
The Midnight Serpent         varies     3 players max. Entrance moves around