20.11.167 Memoryscape

Long ago, the triad isles of Tides, Dusk, and Trees fell under the occupation of the Drakkenmont empire, and eventually was razed into smoking ruins. All who failed to evacuate the doomed city perished as that which was once Ashtan, Merchant City of Sapience, sunk into the ocean. 

An epoch passed, before Koduses, the Witness manifested within this timeline in the year 501MA. Requiring a memory of Ashtan for further Revelations by Those that would follow It, the Elder divinity sought not the sunken ruins themselves, but a memory of what they once were.

Captured in the hourglass of Time and made semi-corporeal, the Dyisen-Ashtan Memoryscape is a pocket realm of the past - a nebulous amalgam of the once site of Dyisen and adventurers' fractured recollections of the Isle of Tides: the two melded into an eerie, vapour-gloamed landscape of disorientated eidolons and ancient lore.

Hovering above the Bay of Balaton, the Memoryscape is populated by memories of the dead whose doleful laments haunt the fog-laden borders. Accessible via the ghost of Ooltra, the fisher woman at the beach in the North Strand, it is a perilous place with few answers. For now.