11.4.3 Koduses, the Witness

"It has counted them all in, and It will count them all out." - A Priest of Koduses on the nature of Time.

From Its first breath came the Sun and Stars, forebearers of dusk and dawn, with the twin, celestial globes of sun and moon gifted unto Creation as harbingers of Its passage. By Its grace does day vanquish the night and night reclaim the day, Its gift of Time presiding in the heavens as watcher, witness, and warden of the ages.

From Its mouth spilled the river of eternity, the mysteries of fate and future writ in the meandering tides of destiny. It is the nexus and the source - from whence all things begin and to which all inevitably return when Its claim comes due.

From Its heartbeat comes the rhythm of life, the pulse of the world given cadence and metre to conduct Its eternal symphony 'cross all the ages and eons and epochs of existence. It is the adversary of man; the long goodbye; the race that can never be run.

From Its hand comes ruin, peerless wonders uncountable laid low by Its painless blows. It is progress and discovery, and It is doom.

When the first mortals walked blindly in the dark, It was there, implacable as they stumbled and cried out for aid. 

When the trees first sang Her song, It was there. 

When Dyisen fell, It was there, impassive as man's greatest civilisation sank into the sea. 

When Savhien, Champion of the Gods, cut down the Three Crowns, It was there.

And when the end came, tempted by the Master, It was there.