4.9 Playable Races

Sapience is a vibrant continent, its history shaped by the diverse races that build communities and live within it. 

You may gain information on the specific races with HELP <race> and HELP <race> ORIGIN. 

Each race has access to four different skills that are progressively unlocked as you increase in level.

Race      Level 1         Level 25          Level 50        Level 75
Arborean  Photosynth      Peeling           Enroot          Sunlight Regen
Arqeshi   Sliminess       Trawling          Shedding        Ice Breath
Atavian   Flight          Hover             Air Stability   Blood Regen
Djeirani  Nightsight      Antivenin         Mana Regen      Subversion
Dwarf     Alcohol Resist  Improved Forging  Endurance Regen Rock Harvest
Grecht    Soaring         Air Stability     Nightsight      Lunar Regen
Gnome     Lightweight     Satiation         Willpower Regen Improved Arcana
Grook     Swimming        Underwater Breath Water Regen     Fire Retardant
Harpy     Flight          Nesting           Selfishness     Shrieking
Human     Imp. Meditation Imp. Sleep        Selfishness     Blood Reserves
Horkval   Clicking        Leap              Health Regen    Listening
Imp       Tumble          Willpower Regen   Stalking        Heatsight
Kelki     Swimming        Underwater Breath Water Regen     Fast Swimmer
Kobold    Nightsight      Dig               Scavenge        Tinkering
Minotaur  Fur Coat        Cunning           Intimidation    Headbash
Mhun      Dig             Underground Regen Blood Regen     Rock Crush
Nazetu    Sliminess       Trawling          Shedding        Cold Blooded
Ogre      Sturdiness      Crashing          Health Regen    Tremor Sense
Orc       Gripping        Cunning           Health Regen    Improved Forging
Rajamala  Fur Coat        Grooming          Dash            Scent
Troll     Satiation       Gripping          Health Regen    Natural Clotting
Tsol'aa   Forage          Imp. Harvesting   Hide            Forest Regen
Xoran     Cold Blooded    Endurance Regen   Fire Breathing  Chameleon

You can learn more about these individual skills by reading HELP RACIAL SKILLS.

      ===== NOTE: At level 99, you become Tekal, and your  =====
                  mortal race becomes your Heritage.


If you find yourself unhappy with your race, you have available to you the ability to reincarnate once in your life-time for free. See HELP REINCARNATE for more information.

While races may and often do intermarry, mortals are all one or the other, determined by womb-choice during gestation. To put it simply, this effectively means there's no such thing as a 'half-breed' amongst the Sapience races.