4.9.6 Grecht

The chiropteran Grecht inhabit the distant Dehkay Plateau, hidden high above the icy reaches of the Northern Tundra. Stark black to slate-grey in appearance, the Grecht have limited powers of flight, able to soar thanks to the thin wing-flaps connecting their arms to their bodies. Lithe and thin, the Grecht are a people well-adapted to the atmospheric reaches of their homeland. Those Grecht that reside upon the continent of Sapience tend to hail from the Siroccians or one of the cities, speak a mutually intelligible dialect of the Grecht tongue, and have begun to assimilate into the continent's culture.


Racial Skills:
  Level 1 : Soaring
  Level 25: Air Stability
  Level 50: Nightsight
  Level 75: Lunar Regen