10.4.8 Ministry of Cultural Affairs

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs is responsible for holding events within the city, and generally keeping the morale of the citizens high. Those holding this office are encouraged to come up with innovative, fun events for citizens. If they are successful, we may support them with custom code.                                                            

Aside from unsupported events, this Ministry is responsible for any Arenas that the city owns.

The commands associated with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs are as follows: 

 - Plan an event with a date and time.
 - See EVENTS HELP for more information.

 - See how much gold the Ministry of Cultural Affairs has.

 - Lists sanctioned rooms within the city.

 - For 1,000,000 gold, you can declare a location a gathering place of
   the city, wherein people will not grow tired or hungry if there is
   at least 4 or more people present.
 - It will also become a hotspot when checking RPWHO.
 - There is a maximum of 3 sanctioned rooms per city

 - Remove a location as a sanctioned gathering place.

Libraries (see HELP LIBRARY)

The arena itself is a rather complex subject, but should not be skipped. Please refer to HELP ARENA HOSTING for more information.