18.1 Arena Events

What is the arena?
The arena is a place where the mortals of Aetolia may fight without the normal losses associated with combat. While battling in the arena, no experience will be lost from death, and no curatives will be used up. Further, curatives that you eat will not disappear, but stay in your inventory, although taking cures out of your cache will decrease the number of curatives in it.                                                                     

To use the Arena, one must journey to the arena staging ground of any arena, usually found in cities. Once there, you may CHALLENGE <player>. If your arena has modifications to it, such as a city arena with a high commerce ylem branch, you can CHALLENGE <target> MODS <mods>. HELP CULTURE will list possible mods within it. The player you challenge must also be in that room. The fees for using the arena are set by the cities themselves at a cost per-level. The Fields of Valor in Esterport cost five sovereigns a level to use.

How do I use the arena?
The arena is used for a number of events, such as Duels, Freezetag, Bait-the-Frog, Individual and team Free-for-alls and more! While any of these events are going on, ES, or EVENTSTATUS will give you some information about the event. This will also list the various arenas throughout the realm.     

While an event is going on, it is possible for those in the spectators stands to keep a close eye on the fight or event. ARENAWATCH <player> will safely transport your focus to the arena, where you can see the fight in realtime. DIAGNOSE <player> will show afflictions of any arena participant. You can converse with other arenawatchers using SPT <message>, and identify them with SPWHO. 

Command summary:
ARENAWATCH <player>      : Watch players in the arena fight each other.

DIAGNOSE <player>        : Diagnose a player's afflictions. Only works
                           on players currently in the Arena.

WOUNDS <player>          : See how damaged a player's limbs are. Only
                           works on players currently in the Arena.

SPWHO [arena|ALL]        : Find out who is watching where.

SPT <message>            : Speak with other players watching in the arena
                           and those in the spectator room of the arena.

SPTON/SPTOFF             : Turn the channel on and off.

ES/EVENTSTATUS           : Get some information on whatever event (if
                           any) is currently taking place in the Arena.

JOIN <eventtype> <arena> : Join the arena if a combat event is going on.
                           For example, JOIN FREEFORALL ESTERPORT if a regular
                           free-for-all is running.

Arena Locations:
Delve - Proving Grounds
Esterport - Sect arena
Mostyn - Niron
Pash Valley - Ironhill
Spinesreach - Ironmaw

See also: HELP ARENA HOSTING, HELP SECT, HELP DUELS, HELP 18 (for a list of arena games)