7.1 Cache Commands

The Portable Cache is something of an anomaly in the traditional understanding of space and relativity. Outwardly, it appears to be a small satchel with the magical property of being unremovable from its owner. Internally though, the Cache has the remarkable ability to hold vast quantities of certain types of items in a trans-dimensional space that only you can access.

The Cache is a sort of super-container. It can be used to store all stackable items (see HELP STACKS).  This makes it very useful for safely storing large quantities of things like herbs, pills, inks, and commodities. The maximum number of pills, herbs, and apothecary collectables it can hold of any given type is 2000 and 1000 for commodities and inks.

The commands to access your Portable Cache are:

INC [<amount>|ALL] <item>
   Put a given number of a single type of item (or all by default) into the
   Cache. If no amount is given, then the first item found will be used (or 
   the entire first stack).

OUTC [<amount>|ALL] <item>
   Take a given number of a single type of item (or all by default out of the 
   Cache. If no amount is specified, then the default is to take out only one 

   Put all cache-able items in your inventory in your cache.    
   Peek into the Cache to take a quick inventory of what is stored there. It 
   is possible to search for a single item using IC [item]. Note that a summary
   of this information also appears in your INV(ENTORY). You can supply verbose
   to see the full name of the items and any aliases you can use to refer to them.

   Show a list of all possible items that can be in your cache, of which you have none.
   Useful for seeing what you've run out of!

Ankyrean Artifacts are available to increase the size of the cache, AP LIST CACHE for more information.