7.3 Containers

There are dozens of containers around the realm, but there are a few in particular that are important for any adventurer who hopes to keep a full supply of healing items. They can be manipulated in many ways.

Vials are a must-have for any adventurer wishing to carry elixirs with them. When the container is full, the vial can simply be referred to by the name of its contents (eg: II HEALTH to list the health-filled vials in your inventory). When a vial is empty, it can be referred to as EMPTY or EMPTYVIAL.

To drink a vial:
DRINK <contents/vial number>, e.g. DRINK HEALTH, DRINK 123456

To empty a vial: 
EMPTY <contents/vial number>, e.g. EMPTY HEALTH, EMPTY 123456

All require the use of a pipe at some point in their lives. They are containers designed to house herbs that can be ingested by smoking.

To place a herb in a pipe:
PUT <herb> IN <pipe>, e.g. PUT REISHI IN EMPTYPIPE.

To light your pipe:
LIGHT <contents/pipe number> or LIGHT PIPES, e.g. LIGHT 123456

To smoke your pipe:
SMOKE <contents/pipe number>, e.g. SMOKE REISHI

Bandages are used to apply poultices, which generally heal damage done to the body. Bandages with nothing in them can be referred to as CLEAN.

To use a poultice you must:
APPLY <contents/bandage number>, e.g. APPLY MENDING, APPLY 123456

To clear off a bandage:
SCRAPE <contents/bandage number>, e.g. SCRAPE MENDING, SCRAPE 123456

Rags are used to apply toxins to blades and arrows. Rags with nothing on them can be referred to as a CLEANRAG. Envenoming a blade requires you to have the appropriate skill.

To empty a rag:
SQUEEZE <rag number>, e.g. SQUEEZE 123456